Placement Papers - ELICO

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Hi Friends

I\'ll give you the ELICO paper which I remember

A,B causes D,
B,C causes E,
E,f Causes F
if M and N causes g only if B causes E like this one analytical question in that

who causes D (sorry iam not remembered exact question but practice these type of questions then definetly u can solve these questions these are compulsory questions in that)

(please be careful it takes time if u r not doing some problems like this

16 ppl can do a work in 3 hrs?, how much time vil 5 ppl take?

* 185 miles. travelled in bus for 2 hrs a dist of 85. in how much time, he need to travel the ramaining 100 miles, if he need to get an average of 50 miles per hr.

*efface=? : similar word

* a 6 mtrs wide road is laid around a garden. rad area is 564sq mtsr. if the length of the garden is 20 mtrs?, wat is the width of it.

*Woman said pointing to a guy "his mother is the only daughter of my mother"

* a 2 digit no, the diff of its digits is one twelth of it. Find sum of the 2 digits
-data insufficient

* some adder circuit is there find the output of that circuit
* how many address lines are required to get 1 MByte of memory
a) 14 b)13 c)12 d) none of these
ans ) d ( bcz it needs 16 address lines )