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G. Maalinii
Hi Friends

This information is specifically meant for Instrumentation Students. We have a separate paper as far as Instrumentation is considered.

The paper consists of two parts.
1. General Awareness (50 questions)
2. Technical (150 questions)                                                   

Total time : 2 hrs
Negative Marking is there.
Correct Ans : 1 mark
Wrong Ans: 1/4 mark is reduced.

General Awareness
Subjects to be concentrated....

1. General English
• Idioms and Phrases
• Fill in the blanks with appropriate words based on tense

2. Geography
• Sunder bans are famous for ...
• Tajmahal was supposed to be built at ...
• Jawaharlal Nehru Prize was awarded to ...
• A prize similar to Noble prize is ...
• First lady President of INC is ...
• Which state is abandent in Thorium?

3. Sports
• Where will OLYMPICS be held Next time?

That is all I remember about General awareness.

Subjects to be concentrated

Control Systems
• An expression is given and natural frequency and dampinfg ratio are to be found out.
• An expression is given and we have to out whether the system is stable or not.

Process Control
• The characteristic of P controller is ...
• PID Controller is also called as ...
• The problem with PI controller is ...

Linear Integrated Circuit
• Opamps cannot be used as ...

Digital Electronics
• How many Nand gates are required to implement and expression
• A bubbled OR gate is a ...........
• A JK Flip flops with its o/p connected to i/p is a ...

Microprocessors and controllers
• Which is highest priority interrupt?
• A 4 Bit word is called a ...
• Analytical Instruments
• Industrial Instrumentation
• PLC, Instruction set and its programming
• Transmission lines

I have put up a few questions that I remember.. I hope it is use full to you.