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Nisha kapoor
Hi Friends

I am Nisha Kapoor. I have attended the EIL paper on 15 March 2009. My stream is Electrical.. The paper comprises of two sections, 1st section consists of only technical questions. They had asked questions mostly from m/c, powersystem, power electronics and some questions from measurement that’s it no other subject is included that time. 2nd section consists of General Ability test only no maths and reasoning questions will be there The paper was also as the par as the GATE. The paper was of objective type with 4 multiple type answer and there was 1/4 negative marking.

Technical section

1) Bucholz relay is...
a. Gas actuated relay
b. Current sensing device
c. Voltage sensing device
Ans: a

2) Shunt is made up of...
a. Copper   b. Tungsten  c. Maganin
Ans: c

3) In a 4kva, 400/200 v m/c the value of impedance & reactance are given as 0.002 & 0.006. what will be the new values of them when referred to the h.v side.
a. 0.2,0.6  b. 0.08,0.036  c. 0.4,0.12

4) Metallic sheath is used to...
a. prevent the cable from moisture
b. provide mechanical strength
Ans: b

5) Of the following bridges the one which can be used for the measurement of dielectric loss of a capacitor is –
a. Schering bridge
b. Heaviside campbell equal ratio voltage
c. Owen bridge
d. Anderson bridge
Ans: a

6) Diac is a...
a. 3-layer,2-junction
b. 2-layer,3-junction
c. 4-layer,3-junction

7) Load voltage equation of step up chopper...
a. v(1-a)   b. v/(1-a)
Ans: b

8) Which is not realated to ckt breaker...
a. conservator   b. explosion pot  c. operating mechanism
Ans: a

9) Coefficient of reflection of short transmission line is...
a. 1   b. -1   c. 0   d. infinite
Ans: b

10) 1st nuclear power plant located at...
a. trombay  b. kalpakkam  c. tarapur
Ans: c

11) If a current setting is given as 25%, ct ratio is 400/5 then find pick up value...
a. 6.25   b. 0.25  c. 4
Ans: a

12) d.c chopper converts...
a. ac to ac  b. ac to dc  c. dc to dc  d. dc to ac
Ans: c

13) In a controlled rectifier, the nature of load current i.e, whether load current is continous or discontinous is
a. does not depend on type of load & firing angle delay
b. depends on load & firing angle delay
c. depends only on type of load
d. depends only on firing angle delay
Ans: b

14) For thyrister pulse triggering is preferred on dc trigerring because...
a. gate dissipation is low
b. pulse system is simpler
c. triggering system is required for very short duration
d. all of these
Ans: d

15) Thyristers are basically...
a. scr’s  b. triac’s  c. both scr’s and triac’s  d. all pnpn devices
ans: d

Non Tech Section

The nontech section comprises of only g.k questions

1) Vijay singh, who is golf player belongs to...
a. maritus   b. Maldives  c. Kenya

2) LTTE associated with...
a. Bangladesh  b. Bhutan  c. shrilanka  d. Nepal
Ans: a

3) S.Sainath related to...
a. journalism  b. t.v hosting

4) OPEC‘s headquarter is located at...
a. Vienna  b. gienna  c. maxico
Ans: a

5) Jawaharlal Nehru award given to which country...
a. mexico   b. u.s.a

6) Which contry first started carbon tax...

7) Nobel prize is equivalent to
a. raman magsasse  b. abel prize

8) The book “the elephant, tiger and......” is written by
a. artya sen

9) First women leader of INC was
a. Anne becent   b. Sarojini naidu
Ans: a

10) The book Anand math is written by...
a. B.C Chatterji  b. Rabindranath tagorre

11) APJ abdul kalam associated with...
a. gslv  b. pslv  c. slv

12) Nilgiri hills is famous for...
a. tea  b. coffee  c. rubber  d. spices

13) Olympic 2012 are going to be held at
a. London  b. Bejieng
Ans: London

14) The sentence ‘the way the wind flows ‘means...
a. how the things are
b. how the things are made
c. how we make the things

15) I hope that u _______ come for a cup of tea tomarrow
a. shall be  b. would be  c. will be

16) Pongal is a festival of
a. Karnatka  b. Andra Pradesh  c. West Bengal  d. Tamil nadu

17) Tajmahal was to be built originally at...
a. M.P  b. Orissa  c. West Bengal  d. Rajasthan

18) Pravasi bhartiya divas was celebrated on...
a. 9 jan   b. 16 april

19) Kajiranga national park is famous for...
a. ryhno  b. lion   c. deer
Ans: a

This much only I remember ..