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Saurabh Arora
Hi Friends

This is SAURABH ARORA,SASTRA university, I am from Instrumentation background. I had attended for the Engineers India Limited (EIL) exam on 15th March, 2009 in Chennai. Before that I want to reveal one thing, before few days I have searched for the EIL papers, I got some idea by the sample papers of 2008 posted by some people. So I am uploading this after I attended for the exam. I think it may be useful for anyone, and will clarify your doubts regarding how to clear the exam, and nobody can guess cut-offs as they take away the papers also with them after exam.

Getting into the details…

The entire test comprises of two sections, they are
1. General Awareness + English usage--> 50 questions.
2. Domain Test--> 100 questions.

Total 2hrs time for the test.

1:- General Awareness:

1).Where is 2012 Olympics going to be conducted.
a) London.   b) New York... n some oder options

2).With what Mr. Swami Nathan is associated with. 
(Ans. agriculture)

3).There were approx. 8 questions for English usage such as fill in the blanks and analogy question etc.

4).Poongal is celebrated in which state.
(Ans : Tamil Nadu)

5).Ltte is associated with which country
(Ans. Of course Sri Lanka).

6).Annimax is a channel of?
(sony, zee, disney, none of dese)

7).Which of the following is not in a list of seven wonders.. option given.

8).Who wrote "Anand math".

9).On which day paravasthi bhartiye divas celebrated. option given

10).Which country started carbon taxes?

11).Who was first Indian national congress president?

12).How much liters does one barrel contains?

13).e-chopal started by?

14. Which award in equivalent to Nobel prize in India?

15).Where is opec headquarters situated?

Well that\'s it in the section-1 which i know, and most of the questions were repeated like inc president and opec head office etc. most general advice that i could give read MANORAMA latest edition for the current year and that too read the section on INDIA and GK and you are done with the section-1. English usage will be easy so need not worry for it.

2:- Domain Test:
This part will be purely the technical knowledge of basics that you have questions are very simple no extra knowledge is required purely based upon the factual knowledge of the student.

1).Hot wire anemometer used for?

2).2 ques on Rota meter ?

3).(6-8) questions on ladder logic, basic relay diagram and plc will do, generation of Boolean expression given ladder diagram n etc.

4).What is the range of pirani gauge.

5).if \'j\' and \'k\' inputs of the jk flip flop connected to \'q\' o/p the what will be the resulting circuit.

6).(8-10) questions on basic control system like.

7).A control consists of process, measurement, controller and the combinations of that were given.

8).What are manipulated variables.(1.output var 2.input var. 3.measured output var. 4.none of these)

9).One question on DCS, functions of DCS.

10).Which port is used as an input, o/p port in 8051.(1.port 0 2.port 1 3.port2 4.port 3)

11).Specifications of 8051(bits and pins)

12).Freq of operation of 8051(11.somethin)

13).How the highest no. in bcd is written (ab\'c\'d)

14).Bubbled and is? (nor)

15).One question on bimetallic thermostat?

16).One ques on bomet gauge?

17).One question on filter.

18).Which is a high priority interrupt(trap)

19).What is d address of TRAP?

20).On what does d speed of 8086 depends?
(a) data bus   (b) address bus   (c) both a and b   (d) none of dese.

21).what for BHE used for?
(a) dma   (b) odd address   (c) even address   (d) n.o.t

22).(4-6) questions were direct on cables.

23).How 2 chk fault in a cable
(a) open ckt   (b) closed ckt   (c) earth fault   (d) none of dese.

24).In shift counter total no. of states are?
(a) n   (b)2n   (c) n+2   (d) none of dese.

25).Given an expression implement using minimum no. of nand gates

26) condition for stability (bibo).

I saw some questions with multiple answers but acc to instruction only one answer is correct such as

27).Which is universal gate (nand and nor both were given.

28).Op-amp can be used as (integrator and adder)

Main questions were from transducers and control system and this time d surprise was th mup and muc ques so prep well for the surprise also n no approx cut offs are there just make sure u apply common sense while writing the Exam.