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Hi Friends

EIL (Management Trainee) 15th March 2009, Kolkata (Instrumentation)

Paper: Instrumentation
Test Centre: Kolkata

Time: 2hrs. (10am-12noon)

No. of questions :
Section-1 (General Knowledge, Current Affaires & English) – 50 qs
Section-2 (Technical) – 100 qs

There were sets A,B,C,D. Although they had same questions but in different order. We were instructed to use Pen for marking our answers in the OMR sheet. So plz be careful.

Section-1 (General Awareness, Current Affairs & English)

There were simple GK and English questions. For GK & Current affairs u can read ‘Manorama Year Book’.

1.Which of the following is not among the new 7 wonders of the world?
a) Taj Mahal   b) Machu pichu   c) The Great Canyon   d)….  
Ans: c) Great Canyon

2.Kaziranga of Assam is famous for?
a)Lion   b)Rhino   c)Tiger   d)deer  
Ans: b) Rhino

3.First silent Indian movie?
a) raja harishchandra   b) Alam ara   c) Pundalik   d)….

4.Headquaters of OPEC? (This question was common in 2008 & 2009)
a) Vienna   b) Geneva   c) …  
Ans: a) Vienna

5.two golden arches are found in logo of ….
a) KFC   b)Frito Lays   c) McDonald’s   A: c)Mcdonald’s

6.ANIMAX is associated with….
a) Sony   b)Zee   c)Star  
Ans: a) Sony

7.Sunderbans of West Bengal is famous for…
a) Mangroves   b) tropical forest c) wetlands
Ans: a) Mangroves

8.The famous Indian Golf player Vijay Singh is from which country?
Ans: Fiji

9.First Lady president of Indian National Congress?
a) Sarojini Naidu b) Anie Besant  
Ans: b) Annie Besant

10.Olympics 2010 is be held in which city?
Ans: London

11.Thorium has been recently found in which country?
a) Australia   b) Norway   C)Sweden   d)….

12.In which state Taj mahal was first decided to be made?
a) Rajasthan   b) Orissa   c)…   d)…

13.LTTE is associated with which country?
Ans: Sri Lanka

14.Concur means ….

15. Euthanasia was first legalized in which country?
Ans: Switzerland

16. ‘Science Express’ campaign was held in collaboration of India and which country?
a) Japan   b) France   c)…   d)…

17.’Anand Math’ was written by…
a) Rabindranath Tagore   b) BC Chatterjee   c)…   d)..  
Ans: b)BC Chatterjee

18.Prabashi Bharatiya Divas is celebrated on
a) 9th Jan   b) 3rd dec   c) ….   d)….
Ans: a) 9th Jan

19.Name of the meeting point of Bhagirathi n Aloknanda
a) Rudra prayag   b) Vishnu prayag   c)…   d)…

20.Maximum capacity of power projects recently launched in India
a)2500   b)4500   c)…   d)…

21.Progeon is the BPO of which company?
a) Infosys   b)Wipro   c) Satyam d) Oracle
Ans: a) Infosys

I don’t remember anymore….

Section-2 (Technical)

Go through the MCQs (transducer n other chapters) in AK Shawney. No qs from Control System.

Topics from which question were asked:
PLC, Industrial Instrumentation, Measurement, Transducers, Microprocessor (2 qs)

1.Simple PLC logic diagrams (AND, OR logics). Around 7-8 questions were there on this topic.

2.Gas Chromatography

3.Rotameter is used for measurement of…
A) Flow   B) Pressure   C) Rotation   D) Speed
(Two qs on Rotameter)

4.Which of the following interrupts has highest priority?
a) Trap   b) RST 7.5   c) INTR   d) RST 5.5

5.Address of TRAP in microprocessor

6.How many NAND gates are needed for realization of the logic (simple logic) “… … … … “

7.Descending order in respect of non-linearity… Among Thermister, RTD, Thermocouple.

8.Reset gain controller is another name of …
a) Proportional   b) Integral   c) Derivative   d) Proportion + Integral Controller

9.One more question was there on P,PI,PID controller.

10.One question on Actuators n Valves

11.Venturi tube is called ______ type measurement.
A) Restriction   B) Obstruction   C)…   D)…