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EIL Interview Questions with Answer - Bangalore, Oct 9, 2011
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Surender Singh Chouhan
Hi friends,

I had my EIL Exam on 9th Oct, 2011 in Computer Sci stream.

Duration       : 2.30 Hrs

Total No of Ques : 150

100 Ques of technical( C, C++, Networking, OS, Relational DataBase - SQL, HTML, XML)
50 Ques of GK, current affairs, General awareness, Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, English.

Technical sholud be well prepaired. HTML & XML was having only 2-3 Ques.
Gk Having aproximately 15 Ques - Very Easy.
Aptitude & Logical reasoning    - Very Easy.

GK Ques :

1. Hitler party which came into power in 1933 is known as
A. Labour Party
B. Nazi Party
C. Ku-Klux-Klan
D. Democratic Party
Ans B

2. Famous sculptures depicting art of love built some time in 950 AD - 1050 AD are
A. Khajuraho temples
B. Jama Masjid
C. Sun temple
D. Mahabalipuram temples
Ans A

3. Excessive secretion from the pituitary gland in the children results in
A. increased height
B. retarded growth
C. weakening of bones
D. None of the above
Ans A

4. The ozone layer restricts
A Visible light
B Infrared radiation
C X-rays and gamma rays
D Ultraviolet radiation
Ans D

Who got shahitya Akadmi Bhasa smman?
A. Gurudev singh
B. Srirammurthi
C. Both A & B
D. None of above
Ans : C

6. Named as "Businessman of the decade" is
A Mukesh Ambani
B Anil Ambani
C Ratan Tata
D Ajij Premji
Ans C

7. Durand cup belongs to
A Cricket
B Football
C Hockey
D VolleyBall
Ans B

8. Who told india will be 3rd largest economy by 2012
Ans Forbes

9. Nitish Kumar won by how much votes in bihar?
Ans : 206

10. Indian having debt of $408 billion dollars by which international body of mean?
A world Bank

Aptitude & Logical reasoning

11. A train, 108m long with 50km/h, crosses another train in 6 Sec cmng from opp direction, if second train is 112m long then find out d speed of second train.
Ans : 82Km/h

12. A use to do a work in 30 days & B use to do in 15 days. If A started the work alone only & after some days B also joined & they finished the work in 18 days. After how much day later B joined.
Ans : 12 days

13. There are 6 red, 7 green, 8 black socks in a box. If randomly a socks is selected then what is the possibility that socks is nither red nor black.
Ans : 1/3

14. From 7 men & 6 women, we have to make a committee of 5 people. At least 3 men should be included. Tell the possible ways to do it?
Ans : 756

15. Using 64cm cubic a wire is reconstructed with 1mm dia, length of wire?

Ques 16 - 18 Ques on:
We have to make a committee of K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, U, W.
PQR, exactly only one member must be included.
M or N, exactly one member must be included.
K & L can\'t be together.
QRS, if a member is included, then remaining 2 members also b included.
K & W can\'t b together.
K & U can\'t b together.
5 Ques on these data given.


19. Proper way to set body background in HTML?
A. <Background>yellow</Background>
B. <body color="yellow">
C. <body bg color = "yellow">

20. By default a real is consider as( in \'C\' )?
Ans : double

21. Program counter hold the address of?
Ans : next instruction to be executed.

22. Stack pointer hold the address of?
Ans : top of the stack.

23. Hit ratio of cache, Some data was given, don\'t remember but
Ans : 68.5 NSec

24. Hub require in which topology?
Ans : Star

25. What is Bit Stuffing?
Ans : Bit stuffing is the process of adding one extra 0 whenever five consecutive Is follow a 0 in the data, so that the receiver does not mistake the pattern 0111110 for a flag.

26. There is 2 string with m & n no. of spaces, after concatanation the no. of spaces will be
A. < m+n
B. > m+n
C. = m+n
D. None of these
Ans : C

27. Have to dlt a successive node of a given pointer in linked list, tell the complexity?
Ans : O(1)

28. Trigger is ?
Ans : A database trigger is a PL/SQL block that can defined to automatically execute for insert, update, and delete statements against a table.

29. Interpreter is used in ?
A. Assembly
C. Cobol

30. Default Access Specifier in C++ ?
A. Private
B. Public
C. Protected
D. None of above
Ans : A

31. Friend function can access ?
A. Public Member of class
B. Protected Member of a class
C. Public & Protected Members of class
D. Public, Private, Protected members of the class
Ans : D

32. Main advantage of inheritance?
33. Addressing Modes - Direct, Indirect, Immediate etc.
34. Proper way to get yellow body background in HTML?
35. Merge sort complexty
36 .How insert a element in Queue?
37. Selection sort?
38. Bubble Sort?
39. Heap Sort?
40. Frequency & Bandwidth ques.

All the best friends.!