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DRDO STA'B' Interview Experience - New Delhi 01/03/17
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Interview panel consists of four members.

If you are little bit tensed they will understand and they will try to make you feel comfortable by asking simple questions.

For me,

Chairman (one of the four members).
When did you come to DELHI?
I said sir day before yesterday. Then he asked what did you do yesterday?
Me: I went to India gate, Rastrapathi Bhavan etc., They smiled said that making use of this trip huh?
OK let\'s move to real part

Chairman: What is your preparation for this interview?
Me: I prepared communications, computer networks, Mp&mc, RADAR. (Saying RADAR last is my big mistake.)
Then chairman showed me another person who asked me a rapid fire.

His questioning was like bullets from AK 47 gun.
Q1: Explain how the RADAR WORKS?
Q2: What is Link Equation?
Q3: What is auto correlation and cross correlation?
Q4: It\'s physical significance?
Q5: How it can be realized?
Q6: Questions on my B.Tech projects which is related to RADAR?

Another person taking the lead he asks,
Q1: Different Topologies?
Q2: Their significance?
Q3: What is IP address?
Q4: Explain each bit of it?
Another person asked only two questions which I didn\'t remember.

Overall they are very supportive.
All the Best for yours.