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DRDO Placement Paper 2008 (Technical-Interview Question)
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Paper: DRDO Placement Paper 2008 (Technical-Interview Question)

Sample Technical Question Asked in last year in CSE:

1) Banker\'s algorithm is used for: Deadlock Avoidance

2) A LOT of questions were based on generating strings from a given grammar.

3) A circle(dot) shown in the PCB is:Vcc/Grnd/Pin 1/Pin 14

4) Program Segment Prefix in MS-DOS 5.0 is:

5) Some IP addresses were given and the question was to select the private addess from it(?)

6) 10Base2 and 10Base5 wires refers to:

7) A question on sliding-window protocol

8) Which of the following require a driver?:disk/cache/ram/cpu

9) A LOT of mathematical questions which were asked from calculus,trigonometry...