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DELOITTE Interview Experience - Hyderabad, 1/08/2019
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Basically, I am an Electrical and Electronics engineer. I had applied for the role of Business Technology Analyst (BTA). The recruitment process consisted of 3 rounds.

Round 1: Aptitude;

The platform of this test Amcat. The aptitude test consisted of logical, quantitative and english questions. Only one question is displayed at a time. After you answer the question, you will be directed towards next question. The next question difficulty depends on the response to the current answer whether it is right or wrong.

For example if you answer present question correctly, you will be given a question of higher difficulty. This is the feature of Amcat platform. Hence there is no negative marking. Suggest you to practise modals from RS Agarwal. After you qualify the aptitude round you have to proceed to next round.

Round 2: Just A Minute (JAM) round;

In this round you will be given a general topic and you are expected to think for a minute and speak for a minute. Communication matters here. You should in flow. I had been give the topic "Should management course be introduced in Degree colleges?". For this my suggestion is to read current affairs either in newspaper or internet. If you are through the JAM round, here\'s is final one.

Round 3: HR Interview;

I was selected for the final interview. The interviewer mainly checks for your confidence and way of expressing your opinion. He started off with the most common question: Tell me about yourself? I being prepared for it could answer it. Next, he asked question I mentioned in resume like Tell me about your project work? Mention any two favourite subjects? What are your hobbies?

Then he asked about Where will you see yourself in next 5 years? Are you interested in coding? The interview was over.

The results were declared after 5 hours of interview and I was selected.

Be confident with what you are and what you know.