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Delottie Interview Experience - HYDERABAD/1 AUG 2019
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G Navya
Hello everyone!

This was my first interview. Deloitte is all about expressing your self with confidence. You should have good communication skills. For a B.Tech graduate(Post:Business Technology Analyst) the following rounds are conducted.

1. Aptitude.

It will be conducted on AMCAT platform. These are adaptive questions means unless you answer the given question, the next question will not appear. Depending on the response to the present question, the next question will be either easy one or tough.

After you clear the first round you will be proceeded to next round.

2. JAM(Just A Minute).

You will be given a topic where you have to think for 30 sec and speak upon it for 60 sec.
If you are get though the second round also.

Here comes the final round.

3. HR Round:

Make sure you know everything that you write in your resume. The panel member asks the questions on the matter written in your resume. You may be asked to choose any of the core subjects and he will ask accordingly to it.

All the best. Don\'t panic.