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Deloitte Interview Experience - B.M.S College of Engineering - Bangalore
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1st round:

It was an aptitude test. Questions were based on Verbal, logical reasoning and quantitative analysis. I thought this was my best chance because all the other companies had programming questions.

They announced the results after 3-4 days and I was happy to see myself on the list.

2nd round [JAM (Just a minute) ]: We had to pick a number between 1-80 and they would give us a topic to speak for a minute. My topic was "Two things to implement in our current education system". We were given 30 seconds to prepare. I spent all the 30 seconds in trying to figure out what to speak. I was unsure about what to speak but my thoughts started flowing as I started speaking. I did a decent job.

They announced the results after an hour. I was excited to be selected for the interview round.

Waited almost 4 hours for my turn and tried not to think about anything. I was focused on keeping my cool rather than preparing. I knew I just had to speak my mind and answer honestly.

3rd Round [Interview]: I entered the room with a "May I come in, sir?". I shook hands with the interviewer with a smile on my face and handed my resume. I told him that I was nervous and excited. He started with usual questions like introduce yourself, etc. He then asked me about the college and my experiences in the college. After 10 minutes of personal talk, he asked me some intriguing questions like "How do you revolutionize the Indian railways?", "Why do you think Tesla hasn\'t entered India yet?". He was convinced with my answers. He then asked me about my projects and my role in it. Overall, I answered almost everything thrown at me. After the interview was over, he said, "you were nervous for no reason". I was convinced that I would make it through.

After another hour of waiting the results were announced and my name was called out. I was overwhelmed with joy. I called my mom and dad and told them.