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Deloitte Interview Experience - Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Sector-62, Noida, 12th September, 2017
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Akhil Puri
Round 1 - Online Examination :

Clarification #1 - You might often hear from certain people that the top 10% or 20% candidates are NOT selected by Deloitte after the first round, as they assume that they might already be preparing for higher studies, which is why they perform well. This is NOT TRUE.

The exam is conducted by AMCAT, and consists of three sections. There is no negative marking for any section, so you can attempt all the questions (and mark a few wild guesses as well!). The exam is Adaptive, so the level of questions depends on your previous answers. The three sections are as follows -

1. Verbal (25 minutes) : The Verbal Section consists mostly of synonyms, antonyms and word meanings. You need to have apt verbal ability to be successful in this section, as the questions are not easy to answer. Further, this section also consists of sentence completion.

2. Quantitative Aptitude (35 Minutes) : This section consists of 25 questions consisting mostly of topics like Logarithms, Time and Work, Probability, Permutations & Combinations, and Ratio & Proportion. Topics like Boats & Streams, Profit & Loss, Clocks, Calendar, Odd Man Out & Series, and HCF & LCM were also covered in the questions. So, essentially, all of the above mentioned topics need to be studied thoroughly to crack this section, and questions given on IndiaBix are enough to cover the technique required. Me, along with most of my friends felt that the time was less for this section, so make sure you maintain good speed from the very beginning.

3. Logical Reasoning (25 Minutes) : This section consists of many questions based on Seating Arrangement and Assumption & Conclusion. Also, around 5 questions were based on pattern matching and deduction. The given time is sufficient to crack this section.

Around 900 students had appeared for this online exam, and 185 were selected for the Group Discussion round.

Round 2 - Group Discussion :

Clarification #2 - It is often assumed that good debaters and speakers are the ones selected from each group, as they tend to speak more. While speaking skills do matter to some extent, it is NOT TRUE that the more you speak, the better your chances are to get selected.

We were divided into 20 groups groups of 9 students each, which were told to us beforehand. On the day of the round, we were given a case study to read for 10 minutes, which was about an organisation wanting to install biometrics in its office, and we, as consultants, needed to plan out the strategy for the same. There were certain constraints placed with respect to the age of the employees, and the time available.

There are a few case studies given on Deloitte\'s website, with the requisite strategy. Do read them before going into the group discussion. Also, group discussions aren\'t about HOW MUCH you speak, but WHAT you speak. They mark you on your content, leadership and teamwork, so speak accordingly. From my group, 4/9 were selected for the next round, whereas from a few other groups, only 1 or 2 were selected per group.

62 students were selected for the final interview.

Round 3 - HR + Technical Interview :

Clarification #3 - It is often assumed that Deloitte offers a completely non-technical profile. However, it was made extremely clear to each and every student that Technology Analyst is NOT a non-technical job profile. It was announced beforehand that the interview would be technical, and based on your resume.

The average length of each interview was around 30 minutes, and consisted of both technical and HR questions. My interview had the following questions -

1. How was your group discussion?

2. Introduce yourself.

3. What technologies have you worked on?
Ans : Augmented Reality using C# and Unity3D.

4. What is Delegation in C#?

5. What are Virtual Functions?

6. (Based on my internship) What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

7. How did you perform SEO, and what were your tasks in the internship?

8. What are your future plans?
Ans : I see myself at a team leadership position within the next 5 years, working on a client based project, delivering top-notch technologies.

9. (Based on my answer previously) Why is team leadership so important for you?

10. If you love being a team leader, why don\'t you open up a Startup?

11. Do you plan to go for higher studies?

12. If given an option, what would you like to be - a Generalist, or a Specialist?

13. What other technologies are you comfortable with? OOPS?
Ans : I honestly told him that I do not have in-depth knowledge of OOPS. I also told him that I have worked on Android.

14. Can I ask you about Computer Networks?
Ans : Definitely, Sir.

15. What are the various layers in the OSI Model? What are their functions?

16. What are the differences between TCP and UDP?

17. What is three-way handshake?

18. Do you have any siblings? What does he do?

19. Would you like to ask us any questions?
Ans : Yes, Sir. As a fresher coming in to work at Deloitte, what expectations does the firm have from me, and how do those expectations change over a few months?

The interview concluded after the interviewer answered my question. A few of my friends were grilled with technical questions and puzzles, while others had completely resume based, and non-technical interviews. It is extremely important to be at your honest best in the interview. They do not expect you to know everything, but you must definitely know the skills you have mentioned in your resume.

I had to wait for 3-4 hours before the final results were announced. 23 students were selected in total, and I was lucky enough to be amongst them!

Good luck!