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Deloitte Interview Experience - Indian Institute of Information Technology - Gwalior, November 3, 2015.
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Kolla Raja Sekhar
Deloitte visited our campus on November 3rd, 2015.

The recruitment was for Cyber Security Consultant position and they offered 6. 2 CTC.

Deloitte is one among the Big4 auditing firms in the world. Starting career with Deloitte is a dream for many students from commerce as well as technology background.

There were 3 rounds.

::: First round :::

First round was Aptitude. It had three sections - Verbal, Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning. Each section had a fixed time duration.

No negative marking. You should answer all questions. Only after answering a question, you will be allowed to see the next question. If you get stuck on one question, you will loose time for answering the other questions in the section. So, manage your time properly.

Verbal was easier. Sentence corrections, synonyms, antonyms etc were easy. There were 2-3 passages which were easy but took time. 25 minutes for 25 questions.

Quantitative Aptitude was a bit tougher among all the 3 sections. There were questions from Logarithms, Permutations and combinations, Profit and interest etc. Prepare all sections from indiabix well and also refer some previous placement papers. 35 minutes for 25 questions.

Logical Reasoning - This was the easiest among all the 3 sections. It is sufficient if you could check all concepts from IndiaBix. Also check some previous placement papers. 35 minutes for 25 questions.

Tip for Aptitude round - Do not get stuck at one question if you don\'t get. Guess the answer for that question and move on to next questions. I had this experience that I got stuck up with some tough question. I wasted 5-6 minutes but couldn\'t answer the question. I moved on to find out that the next questions were easier. This is a tactical step to test your time management. They deliberately give some very tough questions in between.

Out of 120 students who appeared in Aptitude round, 14 students were shortlisted for the GD round and I was selected.

::: Second Round :::

Second round was Case study based GD Round.

The 14 shortlisted students are divided in 2 groups.

In our group, we were given a case study based on welfare organization in a populous state in east coast. The organization wanted to improve the already existing web client server model. There were 4 questions based on SDLC, Big bang implementation, etc. The panel gave us 10 minutes to jot down some points on a piece of paper (which they have provided) and later on the GD started.

In GD\'s, companies generally select those students who go aggressive. But it is not the case with Deloitte.

In Deloitte they value those who take the initiative and lead the team. Those students who conclude well on the questions also will be preferred.

I took the initiative while answering one question, and neatly concluded 2 questions. There is a girl in our group who concluded the other 2 questions well. Both of us are selected.

After the GD round, 3 students were selected from our group and 3 from the other. Total 6 students were shortlisted from the 14 students for Personal Interviews.

::: Third Round :::

The personal interview round went on very coolly. Each interview lasted for around 20-30 minutes. The interview panel consisted of a Senior Manager and a HR Manager.

Here you need to focus on how well you can present yourself to them in terms of confidence, behaviour, the content what you speak. Don\'t give causal answers. Be frank and show the enthusiasm. It won\'t be much technical so don\'t worry. Just need to know the basics and about your project.

In my interview, they first asked me to tell me about myself, my family background etc. They made sure that I felt comfortable.

Later they asked about my B-Tech project. As my BTech project was on Information security and as I had a research paper (based on my B-Tech project) already published, they were impressed. They were also impressed with my GATE All India rank.

They asked me whether I had an interest in pursuing higher studies.

Never say yes even if you are interested.

I said I am interested in doing MBA but only after working for at-least 3-4 years in the corporate world.

Later they explained me that the position requires managerial skills and asked me what managerial skills I have acquired in the years spent in college. I explained my role in fests held at college, My role as an Executive member in Students Activity council, etc.

HR: Mumbai/Delhi ?
Me: Delhi.

HR: Why?
Me: I have more friends and relatives in Delhi.

HR: What if we push you towards Mumbai?
Me: I am very much okay sir.

HR: Thank you, wait for the result.
Me: Thanked both of them and left the room.

After all the interviews, they took some 15 minutes to evaluate. After which, they called all 6 of us into the conference room. We took seats.

Senior Manager: You know, all of you are good students. And can make good employees too. If we have selected only few of you, it doesn\'t mean that they are good and others are bad. The thing is that we are interested in those candidates who are fit for the organization. Again, it is a bad day for some and good day for some. Don\'t loose hope. Keep trying. And you will definitely succeed one day or the other. We have selected 3 from you people. HR will tell you the shortlisted names.

Me: Tensed. Started Praying.

HR: We have first shortlisted ___ (Took my name).
I was delighted. I shook hands with both and thanked them.

Finally, 3 students were selected from 6 students who appeared for personal interviews.

It was a very special day for me. Called my parents and my dad said "thank you". I was very much delighted with that response from my dad.

Thank you IndiaBix!

Be confident and hopeful. You will succeed. All the best guys!