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Deloitte Interview Experience - G.Narayanamma Institute of technology and science, Hyderabad, August 6th, 2015
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Shirin lourdes
Hello Dear Aspirants,

The placements for the batch 2016 pass outs had started with deloitte being the first company on campus and so like everybody I also wanted to make it there. Our job profile was for technology analyst.

First round: A written test conducted by aspiring minds (AMCAT). The level of questions vary from person to person and so the ranking will be relative to the complexity.

There are three sections - Quantitative aptitude, Logical reasoning, Verbal ability.

Quantitative Aptitude: Practice all the Aptitude topics well. Stress more on logarithms, HCF and LCM, Time and distance, time and work, permutations and combinations, probability and most of the topics from R. S. Agarwal and IndiaBix.

Logical reasoning: Some arrangement questions, series of numbers and alphabets, odd one out, clocks, calendars, directions, puzzles, blood relations, theme deductions, syllogisms and other topics from this website.

Verbal ability: comprehension passages, fill in the blanks, sentence correction, spelling errors, tenses, synonyms, antonyms, one word substitutes and many more. Indiabix is more than enough for preparation.

This round is very important because there will be mass elimination in this round. We were around 500 people and it was shortlisted to 120 people.

Second round: This was a case study round. A team of five members each will be given a case and should try to arrive at a solution and then present it as a group. Here what\'s important is the points you speak should not repeat even though they are not correct. Talk as well as let others talk. Most of your skills are tested here. Be confident and talk enough and talk relevant to the topic. Its not necessary to go into the technical details of it to that extent.

3rd round: from 120 around 50 were shortlisted for the HR. Here you need to focus on how well you can present yourself to them in terms of confidence, behaviour, the content what you speak. Dont give casual answers. Be frank and show the enthusiasm. It won\'t be much technical so don\'t worry. Just need to know the basics and about your project.

DO not get disappointed if you don\'t get through because there is something better waiting for you out there. Stay positive and keep smiling :).

All the best!