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Deloitte Interview Experience - Vellore, 20-21 August, 2015
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The selection process involved:

1. AMCAT exam which was very easy.

2. 2nd round was \'so-called\' GD. It involved 8-9 ppl and we have to prepare a chart given a case study with all team members showing teamwork to the employees. 20 min for chart preparation and 15 min for presentation and this process was very lame. Although I cleared both the rounds. 200 were shortlisted from 2000 students for consulting and enabling area profiles.

3. Next day was interview and technical asked was very less. All those whose resumes were good or had lot of projects and had good programming skills were rejected because the kind of tech consulting they do isn\'t appropriate for a person with good technical skills. My interview was very good, interviewer praised my personality and I gave all the coding and HR answers. I asked a employee after interviews that why didn\'t I get selected. He said you know more than we want. That\'s why all with good tech knowledge weren\'t selected.

And I was happy not to be part of deloitte tech consulting. And got PPO from HCL. :-).


1. Only those whose technical skills are bad and don\'t like programming should apply.

2. And if you know answers to the questions they ask in interview, DON\'T answer all of them as they would reject you because they think you know too much.

3. Base package is 5 lakh and 70K joining bonus.

4. Those who want to enjoy and have girls around them all time and have good feet-licking skills should only apply. Learning is least in the tech consulting of deloitte. Environment is good and friendly though. Girls are more preferred over boys. !