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Deloitte Interview Experience - Bangalore, August 8th 2015
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Hello everybody :)

On 6th august we had our aptitude test for Deloitte organized by AMCAT. 326 students were eligible and package was 6.2 per annum *_* mind blowing isn\'t it!! :D It was for consulting profile (Business Technology Analyst).

I had referred some of the previous year amcat papers for verbal, as I wasn\'t sure about the synonyms & antonyms, for aptitude I referred RS Aggarwal.

The test started at around 9 a.m, There were 3 sections,

Verbal  20q 25min.
Quantitative aptitude 25Q 30min.
Logical reasoning 24Q 30min.

You cannot go to next question until you have answered the present question and once you have answered a particular question you cannot go back to the same question. Which means you have to be really careful.

I was surprised to see many questions were repeated from previous year papers, I had mixed feelings because I referred the previous year papers only for verbal section had i referred for all the three sections it would have been an added advantage. So verbal was not difficult.

The quants section was very easy, the questions were twisted but the approach remained the same. Focus on,

Profit & Loss.
Work & Time.
Surds & indices.

Logical reasoning was quite difficult. There were many questions on syllogism, the worst part was, statements were coded so I had to resolve the statements and then decide upon the conclusion.

Eg: a%b means a is daughter of b.
   a^f means f is grandmother of a.
    and so on followed by conclusions.

since this test is adaptive you cant really judge if you have done well. Adaptive means your next question will be based upon the present answer. If the answer is wrong following question will be very easy, if it\'s right then following question will be difficult. So it mean if you keep getting easy questions that means you are in trouble!!! so watch out.

My suggestions are:

-> Stay calm and cool if you panic there are chances of going wrong in questions which you know also.

-> I found the time enough. But I heard my friends complaining that there was no sufficient time, so make sure you practice online tests.

-> Please refer previous papers. Many questions will be repeated from that.

-> If possible try giving amcat test before Deloitte. But make sure you know the answers for question asked. It so happened that my friends knew the questions but not answers. In that case there is no point in taking AMCAT.

-> Take many online mock tests as possible, this will help you in managing time.

Am waiting for my results.... fingers crossed :D.
All The Best :).