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Deloitte Interview Experience - Chennai, December 7th 2014.

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First of all, I would like to let you know that this is not the best interview tips and I'm not giving assurance for that but it might be one of the best :)

APTITUDE : Concerning Aptitude, I would ask you study from Quantitative aptitude & Verbal & non-verbal reasoning by R.S.Agarwal where all kinds of questions have been given with clear explanations for answers. You can study in this website too if you've only few days left for your interview.

GROUP DISCUSSION : CONFIDENCE matters the most while you attend GD. They'll give you a topic and they'll give around 2 minutes to put forth your views on that. You have think of simpler but vital point and as soon as that 2 minutes gets over you should start speaking your points. Remember, "YOU HAVE TO MAKE OUT YOUR CHANCE" and chance won't come to you. They don't expect you to be too good in English, having moderate English knowledge is more than enough and if you're not sure about the given topic speak something irrelevant as "SPEAKING SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN SPEAKING NOTHING"

PERSONAL INTERVIEW : Once again, CONFIDENCE plays a crucial stage and as far as personal interview is concerned it's all about the "QUALITY OF YOUR ANSWERS AND NOT QUANTITY"

Keeping that in mind, I've prepared some answers for most asked interview questions and I'm writing down one by one subsequent to the etiquette that has to be maintained over there.

As soon as you enter the interview room, ask "May I come in, sir?" and if you see the door half-shut, you need to shut the door and then they'll ask you to take the seat, if they don't you have to ask "Can I take my seat sir?" and while you sit down make sure you don't pull the chair like you do at home, you have to pull it smoothly, it's better if you lift and make yourself comfortable and after that you gotta say "Good morning/noon/evening sir" and shake hands simultaneously.

1.) Introduce Yourself?

Answer : Start by saying "It's my pleasure to introduce myself before you"
Then say your name, talk about your whereabouts, say where you did you schooling, then say I'm currently doing B.Com in this college, then about your achievements, then about your family (just say we are 3/4/5 (as the case may be) in our family) then talk about key strengths, then about your role model, your inspiration, thing which you're passionate about.

The interviewer will shoot out questions based on what you say in your introduction. For e.g.. if you say that your role model is your mother, they'll ask "why?" you must be prepared for that. That's all about Introduction.

2.) Why should we hire you?

Answer: Though I don't have any formal experience, as I'm a quick learner, dedicated person of self-motivated quality, I can assure you that if I am given this opportunity to prove myself in the path I have long waited for, I will be an asset to your company.

3.) How do you handle pressure?

Answer: Whenever I'm under pressure, I prioritize my responsibilities so that I have a clear idea of what needs to be done and when.

4.) Are you good at dealing with change?

Answer: Yes, I'm good at dealing with change because I'm flexible with my abilities. I'm not afraid of learning new and difficult things. Whenever I'm faced with a change, I'll put in extra effort to make the change a smooth transition.

5.) Why did you choose this company? or Why do you want to get into this company? or Why do you want this job?

Answer:  Since this is one of the most crucial question, don't ever say "I WANT IT BECAUSE MY FAMILY IS IN A POOR SITUATION AS SYMPATHY IS NOT GONNA WORK OUT IN INTERVIEW"

You need to carry some preconceived answer which should be impressive and  IT MUST BE YOUR OWN.

I've said as follows in Deloitte interview - "It's been my dream since my childhood to become an auditor. As Deloitte is helping me to convert that dream into reality, I would like to get into Deloitte."

6.) What is the most challenging situation you've ever faced?

Answer: Once again, it is something that must be answered on your own.

I've said as follows in Deloitte interview - "When I was in 12th standard, my father again joined our family and did all those things in order to distract me from getting high score in 12th and he has openly said about that too. Inspite of that, I was able to secure 1171 out of 1200 and emerged out as school topper"

7.) How are you different from others in the interview?

Answer: For this question, you must hit the nail on the head i.e.. perfect reply.

When I've been asked this question, I said "Instead of waiting for the things to happen, I'll make it happen"

You can say the same answer or you can also come up with your own. Choice is yours.

8.) Which one is more productive, SMART WORK OR HARD WORK? or What do you prefer "SMART WORK OR HARD WORK?"

Answer: The best answer would be "It depends upon the situation"

9.) Where will you see yourself after 5 years?

Answer: 5 years down on the line, I would like to see myself in a responsible position where I can take important decisions for company and the company treats me as its asset. I'm sure that this company can offer me such growth opportunities.

10.) What is your goal?


Short term goal : As a college graduate, my short term goal is to simply breaking into this company and to start building a strong presence in this company.

Long term goal: My long term goal is to earn new responsibilities within your company, ultimately reaching higher positions as they open up and helping the company to succeed in the long term.

11.) What does success mean to you?

Answer: When my signature turns into my autograph, I would consider that as my success.

12.) What does failure mean to you?

Answer: Failure, according to me is having a goal and not doing anything about that.

13.) How do you handle stress?

Answer: I'm not a person who has difficult time with stress. Whenever I'm under stress, I focus and get the job done.

Last but not least, you'll be asked various questions from your resume. So be ready to answer that. For e.g.. If you have mentioned that you are good at accounting, you can surely expect some question in accountancy.

And please any unnecessary detail in your resume.

All the very best my dear friends!

I wish to see all of you getting placed in a reputed company and certainly you will :)

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