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Deloitte Interview Experience - Chennai, December 8th & 9th, 2014.
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Hello Folks. Hope you\'re all doing great. I\'m doing B.Com 3rd year in Vivekananda college. Recently, Deloitte conducted Campus Interviews in my college and I\'m extremely happy to say I\'m one of the 12 students who got placed in that prestigious company & it was like climbing up the first step of my ladder successfully.

With this let me start sharing my experience with you all. I had three rounds which is as follows- Online test, Group discussion and Personal Interview respectively.

Before the commencement of those rounds, they gave orientation about their company where they clearly expressed what they\'re expecting from us. So we got a basic idea. With this, let me discuss about my experience in those rounds concisely.

As far as online test is concerned, 80 questions were asked with 20 questions from Logical reasoning, 20 from english, 25 from Accountancy, 15 from Aptitude. The questions weren\'t as difficult as I expected, perhaps since I\'ve started preparing for it way ahead, I would\'ve felt it easy. I strongly recommend you guys to study R. S. Aggarwal book for that matter. That will help you a lot.

Going into the next part, we (those who cleared online test) had our group discussion which lasted for 6 minutes. There were 6 members in my group and two officials from Deloitte sat on the opposite sides and observed our conversation, our body language and everything else. The topic given to us was " Public Safety in India has been improved or not?" As soon as they revealed the topic, a guy started speaking and when he was done with his point I expressed what I felt on that and so did other persons in my group. I got chance to speak multiple times.

In group discussion, you\'ll have to make out your chance. If you keep on looking at other\'s faces you\'ll lose your chance and there\'s no point in regretting thereafter. As far as GD is concerned, you can talk on various random topics in front of your mirror or you can also form a group with your friends and you can practise that. In group discussion, even if you\'re not able to come up with the best point, it\'s ok. All that you need to do is to speak. Your confidence is what they\'ll look at.

The eventual stage was Personal Interview. Only 40 students from my college were able to get past GD and we were asked to sit in a room and they called persons according to an order they followed. I was called during the end part of the interview.

A person showed me the room where I am supposed to take my interview. I stood at the entrance of the room and asked " Can I come in sir?". They (2 persons were there) said " yes". Then I\'ve noticed that door being half-shut. But without minding it, I went near to the chair which I should not have done. Whenever they\'ll keep the door like that, it\'s a test to your behaviour. You\'ll to have to close it. Bear that in mind. Then they asked me to take the chair. I did accordingly. They had a look at my resume and asked me to introduce myself. I came out with my introduction. Then they\'ll shooted out several questions based on what I said in my introduction and some basic interview questions like " Why should we hire you?", " Why Deloitte?", "How are you different from others?" etc.

After they\'re done interviewing all the people, they came to the room where we were seated and announced the results. When they announced my name, my joy knew no bounds because it was like a " Dream come true" for me and I immediately said thanks to God because without him this thing would not have happened and made call to my close ones and shared that happy news with them. That\'s all about my experience :).