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Deloitte Development LLC.
Deloitte US - India Pvt Ltd. - Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida, 2nd September 2014
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Tanya Pandey
Deloitte was the 2nd company to visit our campus after Amazon. The recruitment process had 3 rounds.

1) Online Aptitude Test.
2) Business GD.
3) Personal Interview.

The Online Aptitude test was adaptive in nature. Meaning, if you do well, the toughness level of the paper will keep on increasing and you will score more than the rest. It had 3 sections.

Quantitative ability, Logical reasoning and Verbal ability.


Time for english for more than enough and questions were not that tough. They
consisted of Antonyms and Synonyms, Reading passages and simple sentence
correction questions. Be careful of close answers and do not hurry to mark the
answer since in Adaptive papers, you cannot go back to change what you marked.

Logical Reasoning:

Questions in LR were mostly from Encryption Decryption, Linear arrangement, and Binary logics. Some questions were also based on picking the odd man out etc. Time was sufficient if you had enough practice beforehand of the subject.


Questions were from a range of topics and the level was equal to or above RS Aggarwal but I would suggest do good practice for maths from other higher level books as well. Once you prepare for aptitude tests well, you wont have to do it again and again for every company, so it bodes well for you if you practice hard once. Questions were from Time, Speed and Distance, Time and Work, Logarithms, Simple Algebra and Equations, (no Geometry whatsoever),

Time was running fast in maths so waste too much time in one question.

Around 150 students were selected for the 2nd round from approx 800 students.

2nd round:

This was the case study round and one VERY important thing to remember is that this is DIFFERENT from the conventional GDs we have heard/practiced. Since it is a business case study model, you have to behave like real business people in the GD room, right from your sitting posture to your tone of speaking (don\'t use a bad looking pen - use a good quality slightly expensive looking pen). So no points for shouting, irrelevant points or just wasting time, for not behaving well.

Strike an instant eye contact with your GD evaluator- that will make a difference. But once the GD starts, forget he is in the room and focus entirely on the topic and speak well.

The topic was relatively easy- a company was planning to change from an old database model to a new one and we had to discuss the points that we had to keep in mind while the company plans to does this.

If you start first, be sure to first wish everybody morning and then say the topic of discussion once and then put your points. Generally, try to be the 2nd or 3rd person to speak in the GD. (I was the second). Speak well but more importantly, listen even better. (you can nod your head in agreement).

From here on, 58 students were selected for the last round and they were called in for interviews.


Make a good first impression and that starts right from your entry- make a confident entry (no matter how nervous you are underneath) and with a smile on your face. Greet the interviewers.

1st question was- Tell us about your background.

After that, they asked me technical questions about JAVA, they asked whether I knew Data structures (Being from ECE, I said No sir, not quite). They told me to write the code (keep explaining whatever you are writing down properly) in JAVA about how to input a number from a user and then check whether it is a prime number or not and then display it on the screen.

After that, they told me to do my SWOT analysis on paper.

Then, they asked whether I was taking MBA coaching (do not say yes) and grilled me on that. After that, basically the interview went in my control and they were cross questioning me on whatever I had to say. They also asked me about my Development Needs (they had told earlier in May to write that down in your resume- and I had cleverly chosen something which I knew would be asked) and I had prepared the answer beforehand.

So think of answers beforehand. In the end, they asked me whether I would be comfortable in night shifts and location preferences (say Yes to everything otherwise they might think you are not flexible).

In the end, thank the interviewers for their time and say that you look forward to hearing from them.

Finally, 21 students got selected and I was one of them! Best Day of my life! It was my dream company.

So all the best folks and just be confident and keep a smile on your face.