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Deloitte Interview Experience - Mumbai, September, 2014
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Vimarsh raina
Deloitte conducts three rounds for campus placements.

1) Aptitude test - Well, its an adaptive test that means, if the answer you are attempting is right the next one will be tougher and it will be easier if the attempted answer is wrong. we were given a total of 105 minutes for the aptitude test i.e 35 minutes for each section. each section comprised of 25 questions.

The three sections are Quantitative aptitude,Logical ability and Verbal skills. You will find all the questions easier to do, if you have practiced all the chapters of RS Aggarwal (at least practicing all the solved questions only can also do). Well to be very frank guys, I didn\'t practiced a single thing from verbal ability books.

I was deeply focusing on quants and logical ability portion rather than practicing verbal ability. Let me tell you guys you can easily clear the cut off of verbal section if you have been living in a metropolitan city from your birth. The questions are very easy.

Out of a total of 220 students who gave the Aptitude test, 76 were selected and i was one of them.

2) Group Discussion plus presentation task-well, it is the most difficult part of their placement process. we were given a scenario related to different techniques of ERP to be used and what can be the marketing strategy to promote your product in other countries.

Guys, whatever I said was not up to the mark because neither me nor my group mates were having a prior knowledge about ERP so whatever we said we said with full confidence on our face and let me tell you guys Deloitte always selects those who completely out how others during the GD, and since I was the first initiator of the GD and I tried my best to have my presence felt to the invigilator, so I was eventually selected.

In the last, out of a total of 76 students 34 were selected.

3) HR plus technical interview. If you have a good aggregate plus proficiency in speaking English and conveying your ideas then you can very easily clear this round. All they are checking is your motivation and your confidence. so that they are fully sure that you are the one who is having an upper edge over others.

Technical questions asked to me where:

1) Explain your project.
Since my project was related to image processing at which I was good at I explained them fully about my project and my role in the project. they were convinced with me.

2) RDBMS concepts like join and product difference.

3) Core Java concepts like Inheritance, Polymorphism.

HR questions asked to me where,

1) Why deloitte?
Told them (read about deloitte, its revenue and its focus areas to answer this question).

2) Do you know any foreign language?
Told no with a smile on my face.

3) Are you willing to relocate?

4) Are you planning for Higher studies?

5) How long (hours) you can work for our firm in a day?

6) Your hobbies?

It was 25 minute interview and I knew that I was able to mark my presence in their minds. After 12 days, results were declared and out of a total of 34 students, 22 were selected and were given offer letters.