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Deloitte Interview Experience - SJCE, Mysore, September 12, 2014
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Hello Everyone,

Deloitte came to our campus on 12th September, 2014. First, we had online test which consisted of Aptitude, Quants and Verbal rounds. They were very easy. ONLINE TESTS FROM INDIABIX IS MORE THAN ENOUGH TO CRACK THE FIRST ROUND!

More than 320 students took the exam. Only 90 were selected for the second round. Second round was Group Discussion. They gave very nice topics to discuss with and they gave 20 minutes to discuss. After that, we have to give solutions for the questions asked by the one of the members of the Deloitte recruitment team. Only 2 were shortlisted from my group of 8 members. There were 12 such groups. A total of 28 members were selected for the HR. I was one among the 28. :-).

In HR round, be careful with your words. Just satisfy them with your words. A very fluent English is required and be confident and express yourselves in front of the HR.

My bad luck, I was rejected in the HR round.

It is a very good company with a fairly good package of 5 lacs or so. Deloitte is for the ones who like management profile.

All the best guys !