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Deloitte Interview Experience - on campus & 11th Aug 2014.
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Hi, this is Sanith. I was Interviewed for a role in ERS.

He started asking me about how was the day. I replied.

Next details regarding percentage. Answered.

Activities other than academics. Answered.

Was given a case study and was asked to find a solution. Some questions regarding project. Some technical questions.

The interviewer basically looks for good communication skills and smart answers, which is the most important thing to get into deloitte. Your answer must not contradict your previous answers.

Your resume must reflect you. Be Confident! they always want to know whether you\'ll be stressed when a new task is given to you they\'ll check whether you can adopt to any atmosphere and whether you can adjust your self in a team or not they can judge all these by asking you about your role in your projects and how you managed when a team member is not good at doing work etc etc.

All the best.

Do well crack it!and IndiaBix thanks a lot for giving me an opportunity for sharing my interview experience which might be helpful to others.