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Deloitte Interview Experience - Hyderabad, July 18, 2014
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Hello friends. Got placed in deloitte. Really had a tough time searching for interview questions on internet. So I would love to share my experiences with you all.

Deloitte is a company which looks for smart people with good communication skills and basic technical skills (they make you learn the tools once you join the company).

My experience:
Group discussion/case study:

We were a group of 8.2 deloitte interviewer were present in the room. They gave us a case study. We were applying for ERS stream. So the case study was:

How to be on par with technology after 5 years. The constraints given were time and financial conditions. The issue was if a training program for all the employees was considered, then it would waste the time and financial resources. So what are your solutions for it. ? How would you be on par with technology after 5 years. ?

4 of us got shortlisted. Speak out whatever you know. Grab the chance. Do not wait for others. Try to take initiation and give conclusion.

My interview:

They offered me a handshake.

1) Tell me about yourself.

2) They gave me a case study again: You need to find out the solutions for decrease in revenue of an electricity distribution firm. They gave me a pen and paper. They were more interested in my approach.

3) What is your career goal. ?

Do not confine yourself to only your stream. Tell the answer in such a way that it suits their company.

4) What will you do if you have to tolerate stress for 2-3 months continuously. ?

5) What if you have to work for long hours in a day. ?

6) What are your future study plans. ? (Deloitte encourages further studies. But to be on the safer side you tell them your plan only if you are planning for MBA else tell a no).

My friend was asked to choose between M. Tech and M. B. A and why in her interview. She chose MBA and answered that M-Tech is something technical and technical skills can be acquired by any person but MBA is business skills which only a few have.

7) Why deloitte?

That\'s the most simplest question. Don\'t be panicked. You get your answer in pre placement talk.

8) They gave me a logical reasoning question about crossing a river in a boat in the least time where only two people can sit in a boat at the same time. Go prepared with all these reasoning questions.

For EAG people look at the basic technical things and go to the interview.

All the best. :).