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Deloitte Interview Experience - Hyderabad
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I am Sumanth Reddy, I am a 2013 passed out from CSE. I have taken deloitte written test conducted by aspiring minds the questions which were asked were mostly from and R. S agarwal. Questions from odd number out, time and distance, circular arrangement, directions, 2 questions from probability, 1 question from boats and streams, Only 39 students cleared the exam from 250 students.

The second round was technical written. It was an online test all the programming questions and basics of core and advance java were asked. This test was from cocubes.

30 students were shortlisted to the third round (technical one).

My technical round lasted for 1 hour and the questions like difference between abstract class, interface. Multithreading concepts, questions on project and my role in the project. Most of the questions were asked from collections so be prepared with it thoroughly questions like difference between hashtable and hashmap, collections and collection difference and programs like fibonacci series using recursion factorial using recursion etc..

After the technical round 8 students were shortlisted for the final round which was technical + HR, questions on project were asked, why deloitte? why should I hire you?

Etc were asked.

In order to crack the interview at deloitte be prepared with all the basics of core and advance Java along with C and C++.

All the best.