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Deloitte Interview Experience - Hitech city Madhapur
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Hey guys, I attended deloitte interview on 14 may 2014, it was an online test conducted by aspiring minds, there were about 74 questions, 25 English, 25 quantitative aptitude, 24 logical reasoning. I was through to the second round. which was conducted on 4th june 2014, it was conducted by cocubes, there were 30 questions based on java(I applied for java post(System Engineer)). Some of them were from ejb, and some input output questions like:

class a
S.o.p("const a");
new a();
class b{
psvm(String []arg)
 a aa=new a();

what is the output?

And some theoretical questions like "Which of the following sorts elements in order"
a.arraylist b.treeset c. Linkedlist

In the first round there were several hundreds of people where they filtered to 30
in the second round there were about 20 students.

The third round was technical hr 1.

It doesn\'t go well with me when an interviewer is a female. And it exactly happened she was testing the basics of java in depth , The heat was linearly rising to the extent I couldn\'t bear.

The first question was:

What is inheritance-it went well.
What is a class- it went well.
What is an interface- it went well.
What is the difference between a class and an interface-well.

Now she turned on the heat.

She gave me a program:

class deloittetax
  void tax()
class deloittecon extends deloittetax
 void tax()
class deloitte
 psvm(Strin [] arg)
   deloittecon dc=new deloittetax();;

I remember this program very well, it ruined my job.

This is where I fell, she asked me what does it print?

I didn\'t give a second thought whether the given program is true(does it compile). And there I was mistaken. I wish I could go back in time and change my answer.

By using the above program she was testing me on downcasting, polymorphism, overriding.
and the other questions which were asked were
Life cycle of a JSP, Servlet, forwarding form jsp to servlet.

She asked me about searching and sorting algorithms. and asked me to write a program.

The interview was over and my name wasn\'t there in the shortlists, as the answers weren\'t there in my brain.
Be thorough with all the topics irrespective of the position ie java .net blah ..
And most important two things that I\'ve learnt from the interview:

1. BE completely thorough in BASICS.

I hope this might be helpful to you in getting a job.