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Deloitte Development LLC.
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited. - MIT - AOE PUNE, August 2, 2013.
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Hi everyone,

This is Tejas from MIT-AOE, alandi (Pune). I am sharing my experience of the Deloitte recruitment process at our campus.

**First of all the Entire process was divided into 4 steps:

  1) Online Aptitude Test (Time mgmt is must).
  2) Case study & Group discussion (G.D. was on case study).
  3) Presentation (On case study).
  4) HR Interview.


The Online Aptitude test was not so tough but still you have to be very thorough with all the sections of aptitude. My suggestion is just do R. S. Agrawal thoroughly (No need to join any Aptitude class). Though the apti was simple but time was very less. ONE HAS TO BE VERY QUICK.Their English Passages were also quiet Hard.

Apti was taken on 25 june and results were declare after 3-4 days. We were approx. 350 students appearing for apti test out of which they selected only 94 for the next round.

** They called us 94 students for next rounds on August 2nd. They Began the proceedings with the Company\'s PPT. It was really interesting and i suggest you should attend it. Because it talks about the company and our work type if we get selected. It last for around 1.5 Hrs.


We - The 94 shortlisted students - were divided in a group of 7-8 students for case study and G.D. round. We were given a case study and we have to read it and do the discussion among the group members regarding the problems and questions asked in it.
(eg. Suppose XYZ company is there... we were asked how will u help them grow their business, some problems were given and we have asked our opinion..)

Remember this is the MOST IMPORTANT round. They evaluate mostly on how you perform in this round. Try and show all your communication and leadership skills in this Group discussion round. Never argue and listen others also.

When discussing on case study a person from their team keeps on observing you. the discussion time given was 20 minutes and we were provided with the white sheets and sketch pens to write our assumptions and any charts. (to be used in presentation).

After the G.D. we were given a time interval of about 2 minutes in which we all group member have to reach a final conclusion on Questions in case study and divide the points like who will present what in the presentation.


Then began the presentation. Another person entered room from Deloitte team and we started our presentation. He also Cross-Question us on some of our answers. Be prepared for that. Because they want to see how firm you are about your points and how clear you are with the thoughts.

**After the G.D. and presentation round they shortlisted around 40-45 students for the final H.R. round.


If you are here then your 90% work is completed. Just for the 10% show confidence and good communication skills. And remember never to lie or boast about yourself. Otherwise they will definitely catch you if you try to cheat them. Give honest and genuine answers. Questions were like:

a) How was your life experience till date? (Remember they are not interested in listening your adventures of life. Just show them that how you take your life in a positive way. It will showcase your POSITIVE ATTITUDE).

b) If the client is your friend and ask something more from you than what is mentioned in a contract with deloitte what would you do? (Don\'t give any extreme answer. Handle it diplomatically).

c) Are you ready to work in night shifts?

d) Why Deloitte?

e) Resume related questions?(Remember to be well prepared on any questions related to the skills and achievements that you have mentioned in your resume).

f) Finally do you have any questions? (do ask the questions but not silly and irrelevant questions).


Finally done with the interview and then came the Result after their long discussion for 1 hour in a closed room. That 1 hour was like 1 year for all of us and when they came out everyone was like eager to listen their name. They told us 10 are shortlisted and my name was not there in those 10 candidates. I got disappointed very much.

But aah..wait.. To are surprise it was a trick from their side, they haven\'t shortlisted 10 candidates but it was 20. They took out that hidden list of remaining 10 candidates and started announcing results. FOR THE FIRST TIME I WAS SO EAGER TO LISTEN MY NAME. But 1 was announced and so was 2...3...4...5.. but no sign of my name. Again disappointed. But to my Surprise there came the 6th Name as TEJAS DHANUKA. and I literally jumped out of my seat. I was so Happy that tears rolled out of my eyes. And that\'s my Experience.

I wish you all a very BEST LUCK for your selection process and hope this experience might help you in your campus drive.