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Deloitte - Patiala,September 11th,2010
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Kalyani Singh

I gave the online aptitude test of Deloitte this morning. The test was conducted by AMCAT team and was not that tough.There were 3 sections:

1. Verbal-25 questions-25 mins

The questions were basically related to: Sentence Correction which included grammatical correction primarily, Synonym, Antonym, Reading Comprehension.

2. Quantitative-25 questions-35 mins

Covered : Profit and Loss, Compound Interest, Logarithms, H.C.F. and L.C.M.,Permutation and Combination, Probability.

3. Logical Reasoning-24 questions-30 mins

This section can consume time if ur not well-quipped with the preparation thing.Questions were like:

1)The first and last statements of a paragraph are given,arrange others accordingly.
2)A situation in which plots are to be sold and some set of conditions are given for the person who can get that plot,and with the information given you have to tell if the given person can get the plot or not.
3)Assertion Questions
4)Coding and Decoding e.g.if apple is written as \'bytr\' what is pine written as in the same language?
5)Blood Relation Questions
6)Direction Sense Test

That was it! I gave some time to DI portion but no questions were asked on DI.

I hope this helped! Best of Luck!