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Deloitte - Hyderabad, August 25,2012
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hello everyone.:)
I\'m Priya again. I have already shared about the first round of Deloitte on 22nd august in our college..
We got the results of the first round on 24th and I was selected for the next round which is a case study round...
Total 150 members got selected for next round out of 500 I guess.

25th august, 2012. most memorable day of my life.:)

They started preplacement talk at was for almost was kind of boring..but it is always good to know about a company like Deloitte...they explained every single detail about the company...and what we wud do if we get selected and all...
but do attend preplacement will be very helpful to knw abt the company because u may get some questions abt the company in the interview...

After that we were divided into 8-10 members in a group...
they will give u a situation on which u have to discuss vth ur group and get a solution..
Some situation like
1. Some ABC company is in loss...what vl u suggest to overcome the losses??
2. There is already some company which is in lead in a city...what vl u do to your get the company to that position??
3)A company wants to update its technologies and there are only a few resources available..what v u do?
And the company can be an IT company or mobile company..
Or it cud be also a restaurant or a pizza corner etc...

Whatever be the situation..remeber some points..
4P\'s(price,product,place and promotion)
3C\'s(company,competitors and customers)..

try to give ur points reminding these...!!

After knowing the situation..u will be given some time to discuss it vth ur group..(work like a team...its not don\'t argue...don\'t dominate...)
Its not about what solution u come up with its about how u approach(anyways they are not gonna take ur solution:P)
We had 30mins to discuss and we were provided a sheet on which we should write our points including diagrams or any graphs etc..
There will be a person watching u while u r discussing...

After the discussion they asked us to present it individually...we already discussed who will tell there wasnt any tension during the presentation..

We presented our solution..each member vl have something to speak about.
after the presentation they asked some questions regarding the situation...

Remember "body language and ur confidence while speaking are very important"..

I think these are the reasons y they selected many of us for next round..:):)

FINAL ROUND:(HR interview)
There were 7panels...and trust me u should have some luck when it comes to interviews..;)
My interview was cool..the HRs were cool actually...
as soon as I entered into the room...they introduced themselves to me...
And the first question was..
1)Tell me something about urself..
2)What was ur role in ur project?
3)Tell me your leadership skills?
4)They asked some questions about the event I organized in our college
5)About family
6)Your favourite subject and why?
--All simple questions--
But they asked technical questions too in other prepare for it..
and results came at around 8pm..
For the first time in my life i was waiting to hear my name so eagerly....
and finally im a part of deloitte...:):)

My suggestion is just speak confidently..and keep a pleasant smile on your face during the interview..
and prepare for all the questions that you can possibly get from your resume...!!

All the best...:)