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Deloitte Interview Pattern - NIE MYSORE, September 15, 2010
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There will be three rounds .

1. Online written test:

Comprises of three sections:
a.Verbal: 25 questions 25 minutes
b.Quant : 25 questions 35 min (mainly from R S Agarwal )
c.Logical Reasoining : 24 questions 25 min

2. Case Study : You will be split up into groups numbering btw 8-10 and ull be provided with a topic u\'ll have to work as a team for 30 min and give a presentation as a team but u\'ll be assessed individually.

3. HR Interview:
Here u\'ll be mainly asked questions based on ur resume and a bit questions on DBMS, but it will be pretty easy.

Finally the results will be announced .

All the best guys!