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CTS Interview Experience - Tirupati - 16/12/2021
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My interview scheduled on 16/12/2021.

Int: Hello Nikitha.
Me: Hi sir good morning sir.

Int : Good morning and introduce your self.
Me: Told.

Int: Basic data types in C.
Me: Told.

Int : What is array.
Me : Told.

Int: Write c program to sort array in ascending order.
Me: Written but not excuted.

Int: Oops concept.
Me: Told.

Int: Types of polymorphism.
Me: I donot sir.

Int: What is join.
Me: Told.

Int : What is sdlc.
Me: Told.

Int: Waterfall model.
Me: Told.

Int: Difference between waterfall and ajax model.
Me: I donot know about ajax model sir.

Int: What is artificial intelligence.
Me: Told.

Int: What is machine learning.
Me: Told.

Int: 2 aptitude questions.
Me: 1st question I told correct but 2nd one was Wrong.

Int : I have done with my part you have any questions.
Me: What are tevhnologies we want to learn as fresher before joining the company.

Int: Told.
This was about TR round.

After one day I got mail that you cleared TR and HR Interview is scheduled on 18/12/2021.

Int: Good morning.
Me: Good morning sir.

Int: CTS does not take any fee to offer job do you Agree.
Me: Yes sir.

Int: Do you know foreign languages.
Me: No sir.

Int: Show your Aadhar card.
Me: Showed to interviewer.

Int: Show your tenth and inter mark list.
Me: Showed to interviewer.

Int: Do you have any questions.
Me: No sir.

This was about HR round.

I am waiting for my results. I\'m cleared or not I do not know.
I there are any mistakes in English please for give me I am not good at English.
If any one attending for interview please be confident and keep smile on your face.