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Cognizant Technology Solutions Interview Experience - Vijayawada & Nov 23, 2019
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Tejaswini Ravva
First of all, I\'m very happy to share my experience here. I\'m also one of the students who read all the seniors reviews and experiences in their interviews.

So, finally let\'s get start without delay.

I\'m Tejaswini from ongole. CTS placement consists of 3 levels..

Online Test, TR, HR..

I wrote online in my college and it is not too difficult to crack this you need to focus upon AMCAT test patterns and syllabus. And I got filtered to TR interview this result is declared after 1 week. And my interview is on 23rd Nov so I we\'ll prepared for it. I was read all experiences given in IndiaBix I\'m strongly saying it helped me a lot a lot and lot more.

So I suggest to read and remember and utilize their suggestions. And know about company developments technologies they are focusing, focus on programming languages like C and DS if you are it then java also may ask, your final your projects, at-least two subjects you need to be good because they may ask your core favorite subject, organize your resume in good way it has some marks also I think and it is your first impression also because before asking questions they go through it.

And my TR interview is pretty good it\'s not too tough, TR is so cool he is very friendly and so strict looking also but don\'t get scared be confident it is the only key for me to crack CTS so please be confident about your answer tell them indirectly you want to join cognizant if they ask tricky question about your goal. Be positive about company whether you join or not it is important.

So then my TR interview happens for around 5 to 7 mins I think. And he said now you can go for HR interview probably TR is not supposed to say like that because he need to calculate something after sometime some other person who guide you at outside he will come and tell you but for me TR said before. So my confident levels are increased that time and then I went HR after some process like campus changing because both TR and HR happening in different campuses please be early after knowing about your result because at that time one guy came late to HR so he got rejected.

My HR interview is all about goals, family, life lessons, interesting things, favorite and all stuff related to personal. So be prepared about all moreover know about yourself, self-discovering is very important. Then after 1 week on Nov 28th I got result that I\'m selected.

On 29th Jan 2020 I got offer letter and after corona holidays, lock down, postponing of final exams all makes delaying of joining so now I\'m waiting for my JL between all that we got some training related to dotnet, Java, selenium and I got dotnet some webinars related to that are happened from 2 months onwards nothing only waiting for DOJ. I\'m very happy to share my feelings with IndiaBix thank you so much you played a huge role with cracking CTS interview.

Finally be confident, genuine, polite, good gestures, smile, friendly nature.. That\'s enough for personality development. And follow all above stuff mentioned.

Thank you.. All the best.