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Cognizant Interview Experience - Hyderabad Feb 22 2020
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Rajasri Gavini
Hi! my name is G. Rajasri, I would like to tell my Interview Experience about Cognizant.

I wrote online exam through task then I\'m selected in exam.
I felt happy, then Tr & Hr interview is batch wise Feb 22 2020.

I\'m prepared well for Tr & Hr.
On that day I\'m very excited and some tension.

I\'m waited for interview that time is arrived.
I\'m the first student went for interview.

He is very cool and pleasant he take my certificates.

Tr : Good morning.
Me : very good morning sir.

Tr : Okay your computer science student.
Me : Yes sir.

Tr : What programming languages you know?
Me: C, Java MySQL.

Tr: What is C function?
Me : Explained.

Tr: What is difference between break and continue?
Me: Explained.

Tr: What is while, do while, if, if else differences?
Me: Explained.

Tr: Tell about project.
Me: Explained (Online voting).

Tr : Asked some questions(deep questions on project).
Me : Explained(answered confidently).

Tr: What rate you give yourself on java skills? (1-10).
Me: I tell 9 sir.

Tr : What is difference between left join and right join?
Me: Explained.

Tr: Write create query and explain.
Me: Explained.

Tr: Dood! your very good in programming and be confident.
All the best for next round.

Me: Thank you sir.

I\'m waited for hr round after 2 hrs. Hr round conducted.

Hr is not like Tr, He is rude.

Hr: (direct question) about project.
Me: Explained.

Hr: What is artificial intelligence?
Me : Explained.

Hr: Explain about general examples?
Me : Explained.

Hr: Why you come to this interview?
Me : By the purpose of congizant interview.

Hr: Why Coginzant?
Me: Explained.

Hr: Tell about your parents.
Me: Explained.

Hr: Any questions about cognizant.
Me : What projects give for freshers?

Hr: Explained about.
Me thank you sir.

After few days I\'m selected in cognizant.
It feels like heaven.

My dream to write in IndiaBix my interview experience.
I\'m so happy to selected in CTS.


Be prepared for interview perfectly.
They can ask anything.
Be confident.
They only see your confident.
All the best guys.