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CTS Interview Experience - 16-02-2020
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My Name is M.PAVAN KUMAR. I would like to share my interview experience with the CTS company. I attended the interview in Chennai Tambaram CTS company on the date 16-02-2020. CTS mainly consists of 3 rounds. Initially,

Written Test.
Technical Interview.
HR Round.
Written Test based on the platform of AMCAT.

We know that the AMCAT platform contains APTITUDE, VERBAL, REASONING, and AUTOMATA Section. Every section has a separate time limit. I attended the exam in the month of October. But I am not selected in the first phase. Later some days 31-01-2020 CTS announced the second phase results in that my name is present. I feel happy.

Coming to the Technical interview. One madam called my name and then I went to the interviewer. Sir checked my Resume after that all questions belonging to my core subjects only. At least one program asked.

Sir: You are belonging to ECE.
Me: Yes sir.

Sir: Excellent.
Sir: What is meant by gauss law.
Me: told.

Sir: What is a thermistor.
Me: Partially told.

Me: Told.

Me: not told.

Me: not told.

Sir: Opposing the flow of electricity.
Me: Told.

Sir: Amplifier.
Me: Told.

Sir: Tell some of the semiconductor materials.
Me: Told.

Sir: TCP - UDP.
Me: Told.

Sir: After seeing my mini-project What is Relay?
Me: Told.

Sir: Do you know C, C++, Java.
Me: C language.

Sir: Who is the father of the C language?
Me: Told.

Sir: Write the logic for one C language program. 

2 2
3 3 3
4 4 4 4
5 5 5 5 5
This is the pattern program.

Me: I wrote the program.

Then he verified and say that ok you can go and sit there. then I went and sat. Within 2-3 minutes one sir came and asked to me give your 10th marks card as that sir asked and then I gave to the sir and then I thought that I was cleared technical round. Next I have an HR round without any gap.

Coming to HR round that round totally depends upon the HR. My HR is not at all giving any response after saying the answers ..fastly he was asked the questions to me I said only half answer sir is not waiting for the full answer ..just he is checking only the Communication ..Hr was not gave smile Also ..he was some different comparing to other HR. I told the answers to all questions. Then he told ok you can go.

After some days 27-02-2020. The results announced finally, my name was present in that list ..I felt very happy..only some of the students are rejected in the HR round..don\'t show your attitude in front of HR..don\'t say I have an interest on the higher studies.