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Cognizant Interview Experience - Hyderabad 25/01/20
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Shaumya Saurav
CTS Eligibility Criteria- 10th, 12th, Engineering:-throughout 60% and No Active Backlog at the time of selection & joining.

I received a link from AMCAT to give the online test of CTS which included :- 1) English comprehension:- There were about 22 questions, which included synonyms, antonyms, sentence ordering and unseen passage based questions.

2) Logical Reasoning- There were about 24 questions to be solved in 35 minutes, the questions are mostly focused on verbal reasoning and some puzzle based questions, overall this is the an easy section.

3) Quantitative Aptitude- This section included 16 questions to be solved in 16 minutes, the questions are from arithmetic part only and don;t expect questions from geometry.

4) Automata fix- This section includes 7 questions to be solve in 20 minutes. This section is a bit tricky. In this section you have to debug the errors and fix them, the errors are mostly syntax and logical errors, which can be fixed with slightest changes to the program given. The best way to do good in this section is by compiling the program and checking which line has the error and what kind of error it is.

After the written online test, I was called for an interview which included technical and hr interview.

The candidates called were had to first go through the process of document verification which took a long time, in my case my reporting time was at 10:30AM, but the document verification itself was completed at 2:30PM, My technical interview began at 3:15PM:-

Interviewer- Tell me about yourself.
Me- Told them and also gave them the brief intro of the projects that I did.

Interviewer- Asked me a few more details about the project like the purpose of the project, the idea behind it and whether it was a team project.
Me- Told them about the project in depth.

Interviewer:- What is SDLC.
Me- Told.

Interviewer- Explain deadlock with example.
Me- Told, but he didn\'t seemed to be convinced.

Interviewer- WAP to check whether a no is a palindrome or not.
Me- Wrote the code.

Interviewer- Do you know java programming, if yes then tell about the data types in java.
Me- Told.

Interviewer- Okay then, send the new candidate and wait outside for your result.

I was told about 10 minutes later to go to the ground floor for the HR round.

HR Round was very easy, the interviewer just asked me about my self, family and told about the policies of cognizant and asked me to sign a document, later he asked me to speak for 2 minutes about any topic apart from academics.

So the result of the interview was announced on 28th of January, just 3 days after the interview. I was selected in the interview.