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CTS Interview Experience - Hyderabad, 24-11-2018

Posted By : Chaitanya Rating : +199, -7
Hi guys,

I'm from Hyderabad and I have attended the cognizant (CTS) interview through off-campus drive.

First Round is generally as we all know APTITUDE test which was conducted by AMCAT. I took the test at home only (as they have sent me the test URL through the mail).

Basically AMCAT test pattern was,

Section  -  Difficulty level.

1) Quantitative Ability - Moderate.
2) Logical reasoning - Easy.
3) Verbal - Moderate.

It has a Sectional Cut-off.

All the above sections were easy but Verbal is somewhat tough compared to others. All we have to do is Time management, Questions were easy but we need to manage the time as it involves some critical calculations in Quants. This is a adaptive test, we cannot go back to the previous question and can't move to the next question unless you attempt the current one and also next question depends on the correctness of your answer to the current question i.e., if you answer correct then the weightage of the next question is high (tough question) else easier question with less weightage.

I have cleared the First round and got the interview location & date through mail.

My Interview venue was CBIT and I have to reach there by 10:00 AM.

So, the next round was Technical Interview which is a tougher one at-least for me, as the interviewer asked me some deep questions (don't panic guys it depends on the panel too :) ). I'm from CSE background.

Lets start with the questions discussed there.

Me: Good after noon Sir.
TR: greeted and asked me to sit.

TR: Tell me about yourself.
Me: Told.

TR: Asked me to write the program to eliminate the duplicates from an array.
i/p: a[]=[1, 1, 2, 3, 3, 4, 5, 5].

o/p: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5].

He asked me to write only the logic not the entire program.

Me: Wrote the logic and he was impressed & satisfied with my logic.
TR: program to display the position of the given character in a string.

Lets say s="indiabix".

Input -'d'.

O/p: 2 (as the position (index) of the 'd' is 2).

Me: Wrote and he was satisfied.

TR: He started asking questions on all the programming languages that I have mentioned in my resume.

TR: Tell me about DML, DDL in SQL.
Me: Told.

Me: Told.

TR: Asked me to explain all the JOINS in SQl.
Me: Told.

TR: Asked to write the sample UPDATE query.
Me: Wrote.

TR: Tell me about Abstract Class.
Me: Told.

TR: Tell me about Inheritance and what is the use of it.
Me: Told.

TR: Data types in JavaScript.
Me: Told wrongly and he corrected me.

TR: What is DOM (Document Object model).
Me: Told.

TR: What is diff b/w window and document.
Me: Told.

TR: Tell me about FINAL in java.
Me: Told.

TR: Difference between HTML and HTML5.
Me: Told but it seemed like he was not satisfied with my answer.

TR: Asked to explain about JSON.
Me: Told.

TR: Difference between Array and ArrayList in Java.
Me: Told.

TR: Asked me to explain about all the projects that I have done in my academics.
Me: Told.

TR: Ok chaitanya we're done thank you, he said and asked me to wait outside for result.

I have waited outside about 20 mins and finally 1 guy came & announced some names and asked them to leave as they are not shortlisted for further round. One more twist is that my name was also there (well that was by mistake by that guy) actually I was shortlisted for next round, he read my name by mistake and said sorry to me and said that you are shortlisted. I was happy and went for Next round which is HR round.

Me: May I come in sir.
HR: Yeah come in.
Me: Good afternoon Sir.

HR: greeted and asked me to sit.
HR: Tell me about yourself.
Me: Told.

HR: He asked me about my family.
Me: Told.

HR: Why I should hire you?
Me: Sir I'm good at programming and I want to showcase my skills in your company.

HR: Tell me the leadership qualities in you (as I have mentioned in my resume in strengths).
Me: Told.

HR: Do you like travelling?
Me: Yes sir I love to travel.

HR: What is the recent place you have traveled?
Me: Told.

HR: He gave me 1 paper and asked to read 1 sentence & explain to him.
Me: I read and explained to him (It was a declaration form that you should accept their terms like Should be ready to work on any technology, any domain, any location etc.

HR: He then asked me that am I ready for that.
Me: I said I'm OK with it.

HR: He asked me to sign on that paper and told to leave with smile.
Me: Thank you sir.

Nearly after 1 week I got a mail that I need to write one more online test to proceed further for their training needs (I was happy that indirectly they said that I'm selected). The very next day I wrote test which was debugging test where it consists of 7 coding questions which has to be solved in 25 mins. Those 7 coding Questions had already logic written in it all we need to do is to modify as per the question as it contains wrong logic and syntax. Its simple just we need to change syntax and correct the logic that's it.

After 1 week I got the mail that I'm selected :) and got the offer letter.

Hope My experience help you guys.

My advice is always give interview with smile and confidence because these companies mostly check our confidence levels we need not to be excellent speakers, what we are going to tell should be understandable by the interviewer. This is not only for this company but also for other service based companies like TCS, Infosys, Accenture. Make sure you prepare well with the contents that you have mentioned in your resume. Have the basics Strong and be confident, you will definitely get selected :).

P.S: Sorry if there are any grammatical mistakes. I'm not that good in English.

Cheers :).

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