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Cognizant Technology Solutions Interview Experience - Future Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata, 6/09/16 & 7/09/16

Posted By : Debangshu Ghosh Rating : +164, -5
Hey guys ! Firstly I would like to say that just be confident with yourselves and always stay positive no matter what you face in life and if you just believe in yourself then you can do anything. Now I would be sharing with you guys my interview experience for CTS and hope this helps you and at the end I would give some tips on how to prepare.

This year CTS was sharing the zero slot campus recruitment with Wipro Technologies and they came after Wipro (1/09/16 & 3/09/16). No prior registration was required and we were asked to report at 8:00 am on that day. There were three rounds and they are as follows:

1. Aptitude Test.
2. Technical Interview.
3. Hr Interview.

Now coming to the aptitude test. It was conducted by Amcat/Aspiring Minds and was adaptive in nature. It had 3 sections, namely, Quants (16 in 16 mins and they were a bit tough and also you would need practice -practice from RS Agarwal and IndiaBix), Verbal (25 in 25 mins and for English medium students this is a cake walk but for others some practice is needed) and Logical (Pretty easy, just a little bit practice).

After the aptitude CTS gave their Pre-Placement talk and then told us to wait for the result of the Aptitude round. After almost 3 hours the results were declared. Out of 450 students who had sat for the Aptitude round (CTS did not allow anyone with a single backlog) around 218 cleared the test and I was one of them. That was all for the day and we were asked to report next day for the interviews. The reporting time was 8:00 am.

Next day. We were waiting. At around 9:00 am the CTS people came and called us one by one after verifying our documents and my name was called very early. I was probably the 2nd person in my panel. There were 24 panels in all and I went to panel number 13. My interview was at 10:00am. The interviewer was a person of around 30 and a very friendly and cool guy. Here's how it went.

Me(m): Sir, May I come in ?
Interviewer(I): Yes you may and please have a seat!
M: Thank you sir and a very good morning to you.

I: Good morning to you as well and then he took my resume and was going through it.
I: Ok so tell me something about yourself which is not in the resume.
M: Told and he had so many questions from them but I answered them with confidence and he seemed quite impressed.

I: Where do you live ?
M: Told.

I: Great and so you went to this school and this is now changed boards you know.
M: Agreed to what he said with a smile.

I: Ok, so you have done project on advanced java so you must be pretty confident in java ?
M: Yes sir I did but to know about online enterprise management system and since java was taught in my college I wanted to know more about it and do some project work but while doing it I learnt database and it is now my favourite subject and even before database was taught in college I had myself learnt database.

I: That's great. Ok so then database it is. So tell me what dbms did you use in your project.
M: Told.

I: Why use this ?what's the speciality?
M: Told.

I: Ok so what are relations actually?
M: Told.

I: Ok now explain me your entire project.
M: Did.

I: Say about the relation types and cardinality present ?
M: Told and explained with several examples.

I: Ok so now say about the primary key & unique key and how many can be there ?
M: Told.

I: Foreign key.
M: Told as well.

I: Ok so tell me about all the joins and explain them as well.
M: Took a sheet of paper. Drew some tables and showed him with examples how the the several joins happen.

I: He said ok then no need to show more and then shifted to ds. So what is stack.
M: Told.

I: Real life example and where you use it and how.
M: Told and explained well.

I: Ok now write a C program.
M: Yes sir but what?

I: Take a string from the user as input and find out the particular occurrence of a character (he gave me S since both of us had a s in our names) and said find the places where it is and how many times it is and if not then say it is not there and then print the result.

M: Thought for a while and then wrote a program but it had some condition missing and he asked to me think and I took a function and solved it but he said that I have to solve without the typical string functions to find characters.

I: Ok why don't you write the algorithm first.
M: Ok sir and while doing so it came to my mind and I gave the right answer but was not confident though and he tried a bit to confuse me.

I: So our interviews done. It was nice meeting you and smiled and extended his hand to shake mine and I did.
M sir I have a question.

I: Go ahead.
M: Sir if I get selected please guide me in the technical parts where I am lagging.

I: Smiled and said its ok and there are others as well to do that and then said to send the next candidate.

After 20 mins they called me and said I was selected for HR.

Within 2 hours my turn for the HR interview came. The HR was a mam of about 30 as well.

M: Mam, may I come in ?
H: Yes you may and have a seat!
M: Thankyou mam and a very good afternoon to you.

H: A very good afternoon to you too. So tell me about yourself.
M: Told.

H: Some cross questions and then like why CTS?
M: Told.

H: What are your weaknesses?
M: Told and told how I am working on them!

H: Ok, so what are your expectations from CTS?
M: Told.

H: Any problem with relocation and working hours?
M: No mam.

H: Why you have always stayed in Kolkata since childhood so sure it won't be a problem ?
M: Yes mam I am sure and gave some reasons so on.

H: Ok and then gave me a paper to sign which had their terms and conditions and said please read this and sign.
M: Did as told and it basically had something about time shifts and relocation conditions.

H: Ok am done with your hr. So any questions for me ?
M: Yes mam and asked about their CEO since I was a fan of the guy Mr. Franciscp Dsouza.

H: Told.
M: Ok mam thank you so I can leave ?

H: Yes you way and smiled.

The following day I got a mail that I was selected ! Out of 450 94 got selected finally and 123 made it to hr interview from technical round. So among the final 94 I was there (a proud moment indeed).

Now coming to the tips:

You just need 40-50 days of preparation for this. For the aptitude just practice from RS Agarwal and IndiaBix and that's enough but for quants you would need time management so practice it the most and remember there will be sectional cutoffs so each and every section will need some preparation.

Now coming to technical. Learn at least one subject and a language as well which you are strongest in (mine was DBMS and C). For C use let us C to study (one week is enough and also do the codes) for dbms any good book or tutorials point. I had given ds and java also and study the concepts from tutorials points. All this would take 2 weeks at least and then you are good to go. For other depts. I would like to mention that concept of C is very much needed as well as java. They will ask you so be prepared and also study your departmental subjects which are your strong points. With this you're good to go and will surely crack the interview !

But do remember that the first step always is to believe you can and you will surely do it. So always do that and even if you don't crack it, just don't loose hope, eventually you will get placed. Just work hard and with sincerity before the interviews and then you are good to go. All the best now, Go rock the interviews and see you at CTS!

P. S: If you have good communication skills then you will surely crack it. Communicate well with your interviewer and maintain eye contact. So those who have some problem in this case just work on this a bit because many were rejected due to this reason.

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