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Cognizant Technology Solution Interview Experience - FIEM, Kolkata Sept 1st week, 2015

Posted By : Arijit Roychowdhury Rating : +110, -6
That was the first interview of my life. And that was for Cognizant Technology Solutions. It was an on Campus recruitment process in our college. The process consisted of 3 stages. At first, we were given a pre-placement talk for about 30-45 minute by Mahua Bagchi mom, she told that she is working in the Training and Development sector of Cognizant.

1st Round: Aptitude Test:

Aptitude test was held by Merittrac. There were 2 sections. An analytical part consists of 30 questions (30 min). That involves If-then problem clause, syllogism, and data interpretation, choosing right conclusion & inference & simple numerical. And the second part was verbal (25 questions & 25 min), 2 passages (very easy), Sentence Jumble, Correct & Incorrect Sentences. The total aptitude paper was a bit easy. And the test was not adaptive. Among 550 students around 230-240 students were get selected for the subsequent rounds.

2nd Round: Technical Interview:

Next day the shortlisted candidates were asked to report at college for technical & HR round. There was around the 20-25 panel. I got a call at 9:30 AM.

Me: May I come in Sir?
TR: Hello Arijit, I am Shetadri from Cognizant, come in & have a sit. (He had already have my resume in his hand before my entrance)

Me: Good Morning Sir.
TR: Yes, Good Morning. So feeling tensed? (With a smiling face) Need some water?
Me: No sir thanks. I am Okay.

TR: So, why you are not tensed?
Me: (Smiling) Sir because of that Aptitude test yesterday. I am not so good at quantitive and my aptitude exam was not so good. I have made some silly mistakes over there. So, I had taken a lot of pressure yesterday. But fortunately, I got selected. So that was a big relief to me. And as far as my technical knowledge is concerned, I think I am okay.  

TR: (Smiling) that is fine. So Arijit, tell me your favorable subjects.
Me: Sir DBMS, OS, C & Data Structure and the little bit of Java.

TR: Okay. What is the difference between Primary key & unique key?
Me: Explained with an example.

TR: Difference between Primary key & foreign key?
Me: Explained with an example.

TR: Okay. Do you know Indexing?
Me: Yes Sir.

TR: He had given a structure of a table, indicated the candidate keys & their types. Now tell me as a DBA which key will you take as an index and why? Table (ABCDE). Ck-A, B, CD.
Me: I explained him. As there were int and varchar so I told him about advantages of taking an int over strings for manipulation and checking and comparison purpose, also about the memory consumption and variable length. But I was not so confident about my answer.

TR: Okay. What Types of projects have you done in the final year?
Me: I have told him about my Globsyn project briefly and our ongoing final year project.

TR: Can you draw the diagram of your project?
Me: Yes Sir. I had explained. (While drawing he was going through my resume again)

TR: So Arijit, You have done your project in ASP.NET C# & you are telling that you are interested in Java, not C#? Why so?
Me: Sir actually I have a good concept of object oriented programming. Java had been taught in our college during our course. But Sir I was also interested about the .Net technology by Microsoft. Just had a curiosity about knowing that. But I have more programming experience in java than C#. I am not so clear about the syntax of C#. But I have the concepts.

TR: Okay (Smiling). So you are flattering among the languages. Not doing specialization in anything.
Me: Yes sir, right now I am not specializing. But I will surely do it, Sir.

TR: Tell me about abstraction.
Me: Explained.

TR: Give a real life example of abstraction & object based example.
Me: Told about most popular car example by Herbert Shield & and Stack Class.

TR: So you are a national level contract bridge player. Right?
Me: Yes Sir. (Smiling)

TR: Tell me the difference between Contract Bridge & auction Bridge? (Smiling)
Me: Told.

TR: Any knowledge about exception?
Me: Yes Sir.

TR: What is an exception?
Me: Told.

TR: Why we use try catch and finally block?
Me: Explained with an example. He also gave me a problem on divide by zero exception and asked me how to catch that & if I don't use try catch what will happen.

TR: Explain the need for multiple catch blocks.
Me: Explained with an example.

TR: let's move to non-tech.
Me: (I was little bit surprised. After all it was a technical round) Okay Sir.

TR: He gave me 3 puzzles. All were related to the matchstick.
Me: Fortunately I had solved out two of them. But the last one is very difficult to me. I can't figure out anything of that.

TR: Okay. Fine. Now moving to some C.
Me: Okay, Sir.

TR: How to swap two variables without using the 3rd variable.
Me: Told.

TR: Suppose I have declared an integer variable 'a' as const and initialed it as 5. How to change it to 10?
Me: I was trying but unable to figure out. Suddenly he asked me another question. What is a pointer? I told and I got the idea of solving the problem.
Const int a=5;
Int *p;
*p=*p * 2;

TR: Okay, Fine. Tell me what are your future aspirations?
Me: He was very frank to me, so I told him about meeting Mr. Francisco Dsouza (CEO of Cognizant) after joining Cognizant.

TR: (He was laughing) Why??? Why are you so interested? What do you know about him?
Me: (That was my one of the favorite question, after all, I am really a fan of Mr. Frank) I started telling about him and his articles.

TR: He stopped me. Enough, apart from that?
Me: Just to be independent in my life and be a good person and support my family financially and mentally.

TR: Okay. Nice to talk to you Arijit.
Me: Sir I have to questions. May I ask?

TR: Okay Sure. (Already it had passed 45 min).
Me: What will be the answer of the indexing question? I am not that sure about my answer.

TR: No, your answer was right. Just it needed to be more organized. And?
Me: The last puzzle Sir.

TR: (Smiling) Okay. He had explained me in a proper manner & precisely.
Me: Thank you, Sir. (I had another question that was how to be an interviewer like him? but can't ask.)

TR: Okay. Now you may go. And let other fellows come.
Me: Okay Thanks, Sir. Nice to meet you too.

So, that was a fabulous interview to me. I have never met such a good person like him. He was too good and nice.

After 15-20 min I have got the notification that I have been selected for HR round. It was held at around 1:30 PM.

3rd Round: HR Interview

There were all beautiful ladies taking the HR interview. I was quite excited to meet any of them. After entering the room I have made a mess.

Me: Good Evening mam. (I was no knowledge of what was the time then, I though it passed 3:30 PM)
HR: She was little bit surprised. It's 1:30 PM Arijit. It would be Good Afternoon.
Me: (Shit!) Sorry mam. Good afternoon.

HR: Okay, be seated.
Me: Thanks, mam.

HR: (She was going through all my documents) There is a lot of things here Arijit. Tell me something about all these in brief.
Me: Sure mam, Told.

HR: So you are playing bridge? Where had you visited to play?
Me: Told.

HR: You are playing in national level. Have your name or your team name ever came to Newspaper?
Me: No mam. The game was not so popular in India. Sometime in TIO, the news had been published. But in our field there is a monthly bulletin, and in that there is full coverage of all news. Also all the national & international games are being live telecasted in Bridge Base Online, An Online platform developed by Fred Gitleman.

HR: That's Impressive. What have you learned from the bridge which will help in your professional life?
Me: I was prepared for that question. So told.

HR: Tell me about your strength?
Me: Told. (All the next questions were from my answers)

HR: What type of failure have you faced in your life before?
Me: Told.

HR: What Camera you are using? (I have given photography as my hobby)
Me: Presently a Digital Camera (Canon SX160 is). But I will buy a DSLR after getting the job.

HR: Okay. What do you mean by communication skills?
Me: Told.

HR: What are the technical languages you have learned in your career?
Me: Told.

HR: What do you know about Cognizant?
Me: (That was one of my favorite questions; I had a lot of details about them) I started. (But I messed the horizontal and vertical sections of Cognizant)
HR: Arijit, I am glad that you have done a lot of research about our company. But some of your information is not correct. (She told me about that and explained it very nicely) And you will be cognized about all that things if you get selected. So don't worry. I will ask you 5 rapid fire questions. You will have to answer me in 2-3 seconds. Otherwise, I will move to my next question.
Me: ( a  little bit shocked) Okay Mam.

HR: Age of Cognizant?
Me: 20 years.

HR: Headcount of an employee?
Me: 2 lack 18 thousand till June, 15.

HR: Average age of Employee?
Me: 25-28.

HR: Current revenue of Cognizant?
Me: 10.6 Billion USD.

HR: How many zeros in 10 billion?
Me: (all the questions were about cognizant and very easy to me, but this was not, Roughly answered it) 10 (I was not sure then if it was correct or not)

HR: Okay, Nice. So, you have experience of staying apart from home as you have played in various region of India. Will reallocation be a problem to you? Think & Answer.
Me: Absolutely not mam. I love to travel also and would like to work for Cognizant whatever the place will be.

HR: I am giving you a document. Please go through it quickly and sign below if you agree if you are not please don't sign.
Me: Sure mam. (I started to read that loudly)

HR: No Arijit. You read it silently.
Me: Oh, Okay mam.

Then I have signed the document.

HR: I am done with you. You may go now.
Me: Thank You Mam.

I got my result 1 month later. I got Placed. 'Thank you for reading. And if any typo mistake pardon me'.

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