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Posted By : Pushpendra Kumar Rating : +11, -3
Hi Friends

This is Bhaskar Chakraborty from kolkata. On 12th of April, 2006 CTS came to our college. They selected 118 out of 285 student after aptitude. Only 30 after Tech & HR. I was one of them. So I want to share my experience. I have tried to be as clear & give as much questions as possible bt still there are some questions that I forget. so forgive me for that. A "BEST OF LUCK" to everyone appearing.

My experience at CTS


ENGLISH PART: (25 questions & 20 min)
1-4>fill in the blank with preposition
5-10>find meaning from a sentance of a word
11-15>fill in the blank with article
16-20>a passage
21-25>another passage

Now questions that i remebered
1>there is an antique thing--------our place
2>are u good -------- chess
3>i prefer playing cricket------- playing football
4>i don't remember
5>there are DISPARATE process in the it is difficult to identify them. (meaning of italics words)
6>my family members were CONSPECIOUS about me not present at an occation
7>there was (some word in italics whose meaning is uncertain)rain for which we have to cancel the journey
8>This one was very easy one .i forget(very very common word,everyone knows it)

9-10>i didnot answer
11>----interview ticket for ---------mango festival in -------XYZ costs rs5
12>he is ------man of -----match------among all in -------university
13>he was -------- collegue who was involved in the murder.

14-15>i don'`t remember the other 2

16-20>A passage on framework ----this i didnot answer except 1 which was very easy due to shortage of time.but still i try to give it as much I can
1st para was mainly on wat framework is &how to interect with it
2nd para importance
3rd para :wat type of framework to chose
16>wat is basically a frame
four options(a bit tough as that cannot be answer with one go)
17>wt type of framework to chose
ver easy direct answer
18>how to inteact with framework
didn't answer
19>& 20> i don't remember

21-25>a paragraph on DLL.very easy i answered all the questions
a dll is a basic routeen called by the operating system when to open,save or do any such operations.the dll used by window is COMMAND.DLL.whan an application wants a inteaction, it informs the window.the window in turn loads the required dll & it is the only process that works under the processor.once its execution is over ,it is send to the right application program which start its execution with the elimination of the DLL from the memory space that it occupied.

21>why dll is used
4 options(ans:interacting with hardware)

22>wat happens when a ddl has to be loaded
4 options(ans:o/s loads the reqired dll only & gives the total control to it)

23>wat happens when a ddl works
4 options.(ans:it is the only working process)

24>wat happens once it is over
4 options(ans:leave its memory)

25>another easy one i forget

ANALYTICAL+ REASONING (25 questions 30 min)
1-5>venn diagram problem


11-15>logic .

16-20>a problem where 1 is given by $,0 by * & so on.

21-25>a die problem
questions that i remember.the data may be not the same.
Q>in a park,40 went to roller coster,30 to rollar,20 to ring.if 10 both rollar & rollar coster,5 rollar coster & ring.12 ring & rollar.3 took all the ride
1>how many road only rollar coaster?
2>how many road only rollar?
3>how many road only ring?
4>how many road exactly 2?
5>how many rollar coaster & rollar but not ring?

Q>in a family 5 person has to cross a bridge.the son should always go fourth.mother should be immediately before daughter.father travels both before grandmother & son.grandfather always travel first?

6>if the father travel 3rd which is true.
a>mother traveled 5th
b>grandmother travelled 6th
c>grandfather 6th
d>daughter 1st

7>if grandfather travel 1st which is true
a>grandmother travel travel 2nd
b>daughter travel 4th
c>grandmother travel 3rd
d>daughter travel 5th

8>& 9>i don't remember bt it is the same was given u have to find the other true.

10>wat is the correct order

Q>if question can be answered with 1st statement,then a>;if with 2nd statement only then b>;if both are reqired then tick c>;if question cannot be answered at all d>

11.if pqrs is a parellogram & is a square
stat 1:it is a rhombus
stat 2:i forget

12.A small storage tank is spherical in shape.wat is the storage volume of the tank?
stat 1:the wall thickness of the tank is 1 cm.
stat 2:whan an empty spherical tank is immersed ina large tank filled with water,20 L of water overflows from the tank.

13.who is better painter?
stat 1:x has more number of painting exhibition
stat 2:y sold more number of paintaing

14.i forget
15.In how many way 1 vowel & 2 consonent can be chosen from 2 vowel & 5 consonent.

Q>if 1 is represent as $ & 0 as *,4 as $**,3 as $$.then wat is
16>lcm of $$*,$$*$,$$$*
17>how can $*$* be represented as.
4 options like $*$*/$* and so on
18>wat is $$*$+$$$$+$*$*
20>like the above
the data in this 5 questions are not wat was given in the the pattern is same

Q>a die is cut from its 2 diagonal .it is coloured & cut into 64 equal size
21>how many 4 side painted
22>how many 3 side painted
23> how many 2 side painted
24>how many 1 side painted
25>how many 0 side painted

MAT(20min 20 question)

Q>if 1& 2 is the same tick a,if 1 &3 the same tick b,if 2&3 the same tick c,if all different tick d
1>hari hareign        hari haraign        heri hareign
2>487664        487665            487665
3>kvkvkvkv        kvkkvkv            kvkvkkv
4> 5>6> same
Q>if S means addition ,A means subtraction,m means division division & d means multiplication,x means less than,v means greater than,w means equal to
5>9>4 expressions were given like
4s5ws5h7  in each of the question & u have to find the right one
10>if +mens -,- means +,* means /,/ means *.then wat is
3*2-5*6/5(data different)
11-15>five-six condition were given about the selection of a driver .each question is about a driver whether selected or not.
16-20>same as above about the selection of a president,secretary of a club from 5-6 statement.

sir:be relaxed,want to have some water
me:no thank
sir tell me abt u
me :started to speak.he interrupted me at times and asked me some questions at time as well.y u left ur dream of becoming a footballer & so don't worry u don't have to speak on ur own for not more than 1/2 min.
sir:can u swap 2 variable using a temp variable,without using it.
me: ya temp=a;a=b;b=temp;
sir:can u give me another way?
me:yes sir by using XOR
sir:u have given in ur cv "fundamental of o/s". wat it means?
me:it is about ..........i said
sir:wat is deadlock?example?
me:answered(i am not giving basic answers)
sir:did u had any subject called "c++"
me:no we had oops
sir:wat is class,object,features of class?
sir:how polymorphism is achived in oops?
me:this is the time when i showed my ability.i said abt general polymorphism.then i said 2 way it can be acheived
1>compile time(function & operator overloading in c++),2>run time( virtual function in c++& dynamic method dispatch in java.
sir:diff between array & link list .diff between calloc & malloc
sir:various types of link list
sir.ok can u draw a circular link list
me:if u said header list then draw both the dia ,1>last node pointing to 1st node  2>last node pointing to header node can u write a code on merge sort for me.
me(just i had read the previous night):yes sir wrote the code
sir: he hardly saw it.he said okk now tell me puzzle.abt an ant sitting at 1 corner of the room and reaching the bottom of the diagonally opposite end.wat is the shortest route
me:took it as a cube & gave a wrong answer(u all should keep it as a cuboidal) that not the right its okk.any question for me
me:yes .bla bla bla
sir: bla bla bla.okk thanx bhaskar .
me:thank u sir.


Best of Luck to Everyone.

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