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Cognizant Technology Solutions Interview Experience - 17/12/2015 to 20/12/2015, Vizag

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Hi friends!! I would like to share my CTS interview experience with you. Thanks to IndiaBix. I attended a pool drive at Gayatri Vidya Parishd College, Visakhapatnam. The drive was for four days. Around 3500 members attended. All were made into two batches and slots were allotted. There were four rounds.

1. GD/JAM (for some its GD and for some its JAM, mine was jam).
2. Written.
3. TR.
4. HR.

1. JAM/GD:

For this round each group might contain 20-30 members. I had a jam and the HR asked to choose our own topic and speak for 30 seconds. I spoke about" is social media a boon or a bane". I started and spoke three sentences and HR asked me to stop and said thank you. But for some he asked too tell something about cognizant and one of my friend was asked to speak about the room. You need to be just confident and spontaneous. I cleared it. 21 out of 30 cleared this round. And in some batches only 3 out 30 were selected.

2. Written:

The written exam was conducted by MeriTrac. It consisted of two sections. Logical and English. Logical-data interpretation, data sufficiency, syllogism, picture questions and some questions like relations but not exactly blood relations. If its MeriTrac then paper is easy to clear, little practice and you are through. English-2 passages (direct questions from the passage) sentence correction, choose the correct sentence, scrambled sentence.

3. TR:

There were total 32 TR panels. My TR interviewer was very friendly. And my interview went like this:

TR: Good morning. Please take your seat.
ME: Good morning sir, thank you. (handed him my resume)

TR: Tell me about yourself briefly and your short term and long term goals.
ME: Told.

TR: What did you prepare for today?
ME: C, CPP, DBMS (basics).

TR: What is C?
ME: Told.

TR: What is sorting?
ME: Told.

TR: Can you write the code for bubble sort?
ME: Wrote and explained.

TR: Can you write code for palindrome of a number?
ME: I was confused between Armstrong, Palindrome and wrote the code for Armstrong.

TR: Do you think it will work?
ME: With a smile I told him yes (though I know its wrong).

TR: What is CPP?
ME: Told.

TR: Difference between C & CPP?
ME: Told.

TR: What is DS?
ME: Told.

TR: What are functions?
ME: Told.

TR: What are different types of functions?
ME: Told.

TR: OOP concepts?
ME: Told.

TR: Difference between overriding and overloading?
ME: Told.

TR: What is RDBMS?
ME: Told.

TR: What are the 12 rules of RDBMS?
ME: I seriously don't remember anything. But I told him that it will follow all the rules that are followed by DBMS but in RDBMS has an index for its contents. (thankfully he did not ask me in any further questions on that :) )

TR: Difference Between DBMS and RDBMS?
ME: Told.

TR: What is DS?
ME: Told.

TR: Types of DS?
ME: Told.

TR: What is HTML? (I mentioned in my resume)
ME: Told.

TR: Did you do your project alone or a group?
ME: We were team of four members?

TR: What challenges did you face during your project and what did you learn from it?
ME: As we were a team of 4 members we all had 4 different ideas. To choose the best among them was our challenge and making others understand why this is the best solution than others without hurting them is what I learnt from it.

TR: Good.
ME: :)

Next he went through my resume and asked me what kind of painting you do? (as I mentioned in my special interests).
ME: Sketch and glass painting.

Next he told me that he was done with my interview and asked me if I had any questions. I said yes and asked.

ME: SIR, what is your roles in CTS?
TR: project manager.

ME: As a project manager what will do sir?
He told and asked me one final question just before leaving IS THIS YOUR FIRST INTERVIEW??

I said yes with a smile.

He told me to wait outside for result.

My TR interview lasted for 25 mins.

I waited out along with my friend. A guy came and announced few names and asked them to leave. After they left he again came and called out my friend and my name and asked to get our belongings with us. I was in a state of confusion what was the result and finally he told that we all cleared TR and going to have our HR interview. I was happy that I cleared TR :)

4. HR:

HR: Good afternoon.
ME: Good afternoon sir, can I have a seat.

HR: Yes, first of all I want you to read this form and sign it and handed it to me.
ME: I took some time to read it and asked him a pen and signed it and gave him back.

HR: Tell about yourself.
ME: Told.

HR: What do you know about CTS?
ME: Told. (be prepared this question almost everyone was asked about their company)

HR: Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
ME: Told.

HR: What are your strength?
ME: I couldn't answer it well because I already told these in my self details but started telling him and stopped. He was waiting to listen as I did not open my mouth he told me thank you.

And that was the end of HR. This interview was about 5-7 mins. And one more thing when I was answering the HR was not at all looking at me, but that's a trick, so just be cool and answer whatever you want to tell. This is also an elimination round.

Finally results were put in the JKC website.

And I Am selected. Most happiest day of my life.:):):):)

204 were selected and 18 from my college.

Just be confident and calm and don't worry if you are not selected for many companies. I got through only in 14th attempt. The best is waiting for you.:)

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