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CTS Interview Experience - Kolkata, September 11, 2015

Posted By : Diotima Dutta Gupta Rating : +52, -3
Venue: Future Institute of Engineering and Management.

Cognizant Technology Solutions was the first company to visit the campus in this academic session, sharing the day 1 slot with Wipro. Our batch had 492 students from CSE, IT, ECE, ELE, AEIE, ME, BCA and MCA.

CTS did not have have restrictions regarding the backlogs or students with arrears.

All the students were told to report by 8:30 am in the auditorium where CTS was going to deliver the pre-placement talk. It started around 10 am and the presentation included details about the company. After that we came to know that MeritTrac was going to conduct the campus drive, instead of Aspiring Minds.

The selection procedure had 3 rounds: Aptitude Test, Technical Interview, HR interview.

Round 1:

The aptitude test was conducted in batches and started around 1 pm. We did not have a quantitative section in the Aptitude because MeritTrac do not have quant in their tests.

The test pattern was: 25 logical questions in 25 minutes and 30 English questions in 30 minutes.

Logical questions included pattern, series, classification, odd one out, rearrangement, etc. There were no syllogism, cause and effect, statement argument and statement assumption.

We were very surprised with the set of questions but they were kind of easy.

The English questions included comprehension, grammar, finding error in a sentence. They were a bit tricky if you are not really fluent in English.

Aptitude results were out at 7 pm that day and 240 people cleared the test and luckily I was one of them. Registration procedure for the next round was conducted there after.

Round 2:

The selects of the apti round were divided into 2 batches and the reporting time of the 2 batches were different for the next day. I was in batch 2 and my reporting time was 9:45 am.

MeritTrac people were calling out names of students and taking them into the allotted panels for the technical interview. My name was called around 11 am and my panel no. was 21. My technical interview started at 12 pm and was of 15 minutes and here's how it went.

Me: May I come in Sir?
I: Yes, have a sit.

M: Good afternoon Sir!
I: Oh its already afternoon! Good afternoon to you too. (He was middle aged and cute and sober too, also he looked nerdy!)

He was going through my profile.
I: So how do u pronounce your name?
Me: I said.

I: You have a nice name! What does it mean?
Me: I said.

I: So, Tell me about yourself.
Me: I explained highlighting my personal traits, extra curricular activities and my project work.

I: Why do you want to join software company?
Me: I said.

He was asking me spontaneous questions when I was telling about myself. I answered them with confidence and honesty.

-He told me to explain my projects and to draw the workflow on paper.
I did.

-He told me whats the uniqueness of my project.
I said.

-He asked me if there was any password resetting policy in my project.
I said.

I: Do you know what is a palindrome number?
Me: Yes sir.

I: Do you know what is an Armstrong number?
Me: Yes sir.

I: Write one example of it.
Me: I wrote.

I: Do you know what is normalization.
Me: Yes sir.

He gave me a very simple table consisting of 2 columns, name and subjects and told me to normalize it.
I asked if I can add any other column or another table.

I: Yeah, I understand. You don't have to do it. Do you have any question for me?
Me: I asked.

He replied and it was the end of my interview.

I was told to go to a room and wait for the results. Within 5 minutes, a list of recently selected candidates was called out and luckily I was one of them. We were taken into the HR interview room.

Out of 240 students who cleared aptitude, 122 students went to HR interview.

Round 3:

I was taken into a panel where a young lady was sitting as the HR and this is how my HR interview went.

I: Put your profile on the table and take a sit.
Me: Good afternoon Mam.

I did what she said.
I: Good afternoon, what are the other files you are carrying apart from your profile.
Me: They are my project reports Mam.

I: So, you are from CSE?
Me: Yes Mam.

I: What is your favorite subject?
Me: I love studying all the subjects, but out of them Java is somewhat closer to my heart.

I: So what have you done in Java apart from your curriculum?
Me: I attended training and have done many projects based on Java.

I: Core and Advanced Java both?
Me: Yes Mam.

From now onward, she was literally shooting questions at me!

I: So tell me about yourself.
Me: I said the same I told in the technical interview but here I didn't talk about my projects.

I had a lot of achievements in extra curricular activities, so I was describing them in brief.

I: So, what is your weakness?
Me: I said. (I preferred to answer it in such a way that may not create any negative impact).

I: Why do you want to join CTS?
Me: I said highlighting some of the major achievements of CTS in recent years.

I: Since you are boasting so much about CTS, tell me what is the revenue in the last quarter.
Me: 10 million? I got confused if it was million or billion!

I: (smiled) Do you know where is our headquarter?
Me: Yes Mam, New Jersey.

I: Where in New Jersey?
Me: Teacock? Oops! Sorry Mam. Teaneck?

I: (smiled) Teaneck.
I was so embarrassed.

I: Why shall I hire you?
Me: I said highlighting my traits that matches the job requirements.

I: Tell me something that is not in your resume.
Me: I said I love traveling.

I: Do you know some of the cities in which CTS is present?
Me: Yes Mam, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad..

I: And Kochi too.
Me: Yes Mam, I forgot to mention it.

I: Do you know the office timings in CTS?
Me: Mam, I know employees have to go to office by 9 am and I am not sure about the end of the shift, may be 5 pm or more than that?

I: Its 6 pm. We work 9 hours a day. Can you take such a burden?
Me: Absolutely Mam.

I: Can you work in night shifts?
Me: Yes Mam.

I: Do you have any problem if you have to change your city?
Me: No Mam, I would love to.

There were other questions too, a lot of them actually, mostly casual questions. I can't remember them properly now.

She gave me the profile and told me to read the last few lines of the agreement and also told me if I had any problem understanding anything I may ask her.

The line said, if you are an employee of CTS, you cannot choose between work shifts, location and domain. I said, I understand Mam.

I: What do you understand by domain?
Me: It's the technology used to build a project.

I: No, it means our sectors like business, consultancy, healthcare, etc. You should have asked me if you were not clear with it.
Me: Sorry Mam.

She told me to sign the paper. I did.

I: It was nice talking to you.
Me: Thanks. It was nice talking to you too.

I: Thanks.

That was the end of my HR round. I was the one who spent the maximum time in HR interview. I was tensed because I did not answer all the questions satisfactorily.  

The results were out on 21.09.2015 after Wipro placement drive. 110 students were placed in CTS from my college and luckily I was one of them!

I would like to highlight some more things. Luck do play a great role. If you are lucky enough to give the interview at early hours, your chances are high. The technical interviewers rejected a lot of students in the last hours even though they were deserving or answered many questions correctly. And, another thing, wearing a smile on your face and answering everything with confidence helps a lot. I found people were really interested about extra curricular activities too.

Thank you.

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