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Cognizant Technology Solutions Interview Experience - March 28th 2015 at Raheja Mind Space, Hyderabad.

Posted By : Anusha Reddy Rating : +217, -5
Hi, I'am Anusha Reddy completed my B-Tech in IIIT Basar-2014.

I have attended cts interview on 28th march and I want to share my experience with you all. I have taken CTS online exam conducted through AMCAT on 18th dec-2014 and I got interview call on Jan 10th. But I didn't have my provisional certificate at that time so they don't allow me to take interview.

So I mailed to AMCAT people about this problem and after 2 months I got mail from them asking me to register myself to attend for cts interview. After 1 week I got my interview call.

I have waited for more than 2 hours to get TR call.

ME: May I come in sir.

TR: Yes, come in.
ME: Good afternoon sir.

TR: Good afternoon, take your seat.
ME: Thank you sir.

TR: Tell me about Yourself?
Me: Told (including my academics and projects and hobbies. And my ending sentence was. As a fresher I am looking for a reputed company like your's to prove myself. ).

TR: Explain the project and write modules in it.
Me: Written the modules in my project and explained them clearly.

TR: What programming languages do you know?
Me: C and Java.

TR: Explain the OOPs concept in java.
Me: Explained.

TR: Write program for Inheritance.
Me: Wrote. Nd explained the program also.

TR: Write Pointer declaration.
Me: Wrote.

TR: Write Palindrome Logic.
Me: Wrote.

TR: Swapping without Using 3rd variable.

ME: a=10, b=20.

a=a+b; //30.

b=a-b; //30=20=10.


TR: Do you remember the subjects which you have studied in your B. Tech?
ME: Yes sir. Then he gone through my memos and asked the questions from some subjects. Like.

TR: What you have studied in Operating systems?
ME: Told the concepts in OS:

TR: What is memory management and Paging?
Me: Explained memory management, but I didn't remember paging concept.

TR: What are Network Topologies in Computer Network?
ME: I tried a lot to remember them but I can't, while I'm thinking he given me a clue. Bus topology. Then I explained the three topologies with diagrams. He satisfied.

TR: Do you remember the Towers of Honai Problem?
ME: Explained what I have remembered only. But it is not upto the mark.

TR: What the subject do you think more difficult to learn in your B. Tech?
ME: Sir I am comfortable with my core subjects. But as a part of curriculum I need to study some management subjects. I felt those are very difficult to learn because I'm not interested in learning those subjects.

TR: Smiled and asked you have studied the subject Just to pass the exam?
Me: Yes sir. I didn't even attended to the classes also.

TR: He smiled and asked. What are your Hobbies?
ME: Listening to music, reading books, making greeting cards, surfing net, watching dance shows.

TR: Who is your favourite dancer and Hero?
ME: Allu arjun because ha dances well.

TR: He smiled and asked what is his upcoming movie?
Me: Told that S% of Satyanarayana.

TR: What you surf in the net?
Me: What ever the things I don't know I surf for them.

TR: Example.
Me: Told.

TR: Anusha I'm done with my side. Do you want to ask me any question?
ME: Sir What areas I need to improve before coming to the company. Asked this question with full confidence.

TR: Smiled and said. Your communication skills, programming skills and your analytical skills are very good. Just be in touch with daily world updates.
And any more ques?
Me: No sir, thank you sir.

TR: Wait for results outside.

Me: Ok sir.

My TR round took almost an hour. After 10 mins one employee(volunteer) came to me and said that I have cleared the round and wait for 1 hr for HR. Because of lunch break.

HR round:

ME: May I come in madam.

HR: Yes come in. And take your seat:.
Me: Thank you. Mam.

HR: How are you Anusha. ?
ME: I am doing good mam. How about u?

HR: Me not so good with this temperature.
Me: Smiled.

HR: Tell me about yourself. Do not include your academic details and all those.
Me: Told. Hobbies--reading books.

HR: What are the books you have read?
Me: I too had a love story, can love happen twice. Some magazines.

HR: Can you explain a novel for me.
ME: Sure mam. Explained I too had a love story.

HR: Are you comfortable with Night shifts and whenever you see the people who are going for night shifts what you feel.
ME: I'm comfortable with night shifts. And explained the reason also.

HR: Are you willing to relocate?
ME: Yes mam.

HR: Are your parents agree to sent you to north india?
ME: I'm not sure mam. Here I gave negative answer.

HR: Are you comfortable with changing the domain?
ME: Provided the training I'm comfortable. Because I can learn new things.

After this she asked me to sign on a paper having terms and conditions of CTS. I signed on it.

HR: Do you want to ask me any question?
Me: Mam. Is there any chance of choosing the domain.

HR: No. Are you interested in any domain.
Me: No mam. I'm comfortable with everything. But just to know I have asked this question. Mam to be part of CTS social responsibility. The first I thing I need to do is?

HR: Smiled and said. If your part of CTS. It is possible. Anymore.
ME: No thank you mam.

This is all about my interview. And after 1 week I got mail from CTS saying that they are welcoming me into their world. Now I'm waiting for my joining date.

Friends everybody has their chance so please never lose your hope. One thing I want to say is believe in your hard work not your luck. I think my experience may help you. ALL THE BEST GUYS.

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