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Cognizant(CTS) Interview Experience - Pune -20/3/2015

Posted By : A. Ratnaparkhi (Aurangabad) Rating : +645, -13
Hello everyone. I just got offer letter from cognizant and I had decided on the day when I will be placed I will definitely share my experience to help you guys to get job. I will give you step wise details about this company and yes I will share my experience too.

Before beginning what I have mentioned in double quotes is very important.

As like many other companies cognizant also has 3 rounds :

1) Aptitude test - conducted by AMCAT difficulty level is easy.

2) Technical interview- Mostly on projects, "technology mentioned by you in resume" and "basic C programs" like palindrome, reversing of string, Fibonacci, Armstrong and many other. If you will crack it 90% chances of getting placed.

3) HR interview - Hobbies you've mentioned in resume, easy puzzles, all HR standard questions like Why CTS?, some simple technological questions like what is java and "Questions about relocation".

Before beginning for preparation for any company Things you must take into the account forever is:

1) Always believe in yourself. Only you can do this. Don't have fear for struggle it only makes you stronger. Just keep improving yourself one day you will have it. Having something lately is better than having nothing at all and don't worry everyone will get a job. Its just matter of time. Some gets early some gets lately.

2) Never compare you with others. I have came across many people who says yaar apti mein 30000 log he kaise hoga ek baccha badh gaya to yar competition badh jayegi.

But according to the company perspective it is different. They don't care how many people are there in campus. If you have talent you've done hard work no one can stop you.

Just be smart. Defeat every level step wise and always consider yourself as an individual.

This is my personal experience too. I am also normal guy like you. I have also cracked this rounds without thinking of those 30000 candidates. But I didn't leave my weapon by thinking about those people rather I just kept on fighting.

3) And even if you gave your 200% and you still lost the battle. Don't worry.

"Always believe in GOD" He is keeping you for some other special thing which will be beneficial for you in every aspects. You just don't have those eyes to see it. Time is greedy thing it will keep those necessary and special details to itself. So wait for your turn.

4) Last but not the least.


Now, Lets see how to crack those rounds:

1) Apti :

Believe me even if you don't join any class you can easily crack the apti. First download the syllabus or frequently asked topics for any company. Start preparation before the exam. Solve sums from R. S. Agrawal solved questions only. Refer Indiabix too. They also have topic wise questions. Try to solve previous question papers if time will permit.

In case of cognizant download AMCAT syllabus. You can download it from their official site. Start preparing those topics. Exam is easy. You will definitely crack it. For those guys who are weak in English join some spoken English class and start reading English novels and newspaper like The hindu. Without this you can get a job but you can not succeed in your future endeavors. So this is a time of learning know your weaknesses and make those your strengths like batman. It will help you throughout your life. Don't aim only for job. Dream big. Picture big.

2) Technical interview:

"Key is to be confident in what are you telling and have good communication skills and maintain proper eye contact and smiling face. Don't shiver your voice. Greet them before and after the interview. Handshake will be fruitful. ".

Mostly they ask about your projects that you have mentioned in your resume. Prepare well. Focus not only on BE but all projects. Then don't fake yourself in resume. Mention only those things you know. They will 200 % ask you from what you have mentioned in your resume and believe me the interviewer knows everything. You can't fake it. He will surely reject you. In my interview some guys mentioned testing in their resume. Interviewer asked them everything related to testing. They failed. Practice all C basic programs. For any company just prepare at least one core subject from your branch thoroughly so that you don't have to revise it again and again or you will require only one day to revise it before interview. Finally, Be smart.

My experience:  (Int is abbreviation for interviewer. ).

Me :  (Entering and standing before him) Good morning sir with handshake (First impression is last impression).

Int : Good morning Alok.  (He read everything about you by resume).
Me: May I seat?

Int: Yes of course.
Int: He asked me why my marks are decreasing in my education.
Me: Told genuine reason. Due to music and events in college. He told me you can maintain both studies and other activities. I agreed. Sometimes agreeing others will close the door for another tough question. Don't get into any debate. Just agree.

Int : Asked about my BE project.
Me: Told with confidence. I used JSP, servlet as front end technologies. Give proper structure to your explanation. Don't tell anything randomly.

Int: He asked everything about servlet and jsp from basic to higher difficulty level questions.

Viz. Difference between servlet and jsp, can I say JSP is servlet (Yes, cause JSP is converted into servlet afterwards) , which is best in what way? tell me about HttpServlet class and GenericServlet Class, Tell me about Https protocol.

Me: Some I answered. For some I said to be honest I don't know sir. Please guys if you don't know anything don't brag or fake it else you will be caught in trap and surely you will be rejected.

Int: Asked me about core java as I mentioned it in my resume like why core java is used? which is your favorite topic from java. He gave me choices like File handling, threading and others. I don't remember exactly.
Me: Told threading.

Int: Asked everything about threading like its life cycle. How scheduler pick ups the thread and all.
Me: Answered.  (As I prepared everything I have mentioned in resume after I came to know I've cracked the apti. Just prepare basics of your project and technologies. Don't mention many technologies even If you know it. At least make one technology perfect. ).

Int: What if I will give you offer letter now You will have to join CTS from monday but for some days you have to work for 24 hrs how long you will work for us?

Me: I call such questions as yorker questions. Any careless words can get you out. I said for me work is next to godliness. I won't hesitate to work unless and until my family will need me. Be frank but correct too.

Int: He was happy with my answer. Asked me about I have very short hair in photo lol.

Me: I said soldier discipline sir (Be smart : P).

Int: Why didn't you get job in last year?

Me: I was not good in apti but I prepared and improved myself over a period. Now I am cracking the aptitude test. Again be genuine.

Int: How have you improvised yourself?

Me: Prepared from R. S. Agrawal and questions paper.

Int: I don't remember other questions. But he kept on asking me such technical and yorker questions alternatively. Before interview I was little nervous cause He was so older than us like 40-60 in age and he was talented. But I didn't lose my confidence. I kept on giving myself positive thoughts. So guys be confident you can do this.


As I told earlier don't try to brag yourself in resume. They will ask you about your introduction, family background. Many questions related to your hobbies. Some standard questions like why CTS?, your weakness etc. They will ask you about company profile from CEO to revenue and many more. Download company related information from wikipedia in pdf format. Keep it in mobile. Read it while going to interview location. Prepare some basic puzzles from internet like balls related puzzle.

Most important : They will try to spot you in situation where they will come to know you are not willing to relocate.

My experience:

Me: Good afternoon sir.

Int: Good afternoon Alok please seat. Tell me about yourself.
Me: Told.

Int: Family background.
Me: Told.

Int: Took my certificates and cross checked percentages of every sem. Then He asked my hobbies.
Me: Music, singing (I was even ready to sing there : P) , PC games.

Int: What kind of music?
Me: Which touches my heart.

Int: Genre?
Me: Soft rock.

Int: Your favorite bands?
Me: Told daughtry, LP and currently IMAGINE DRAGONS he stopped me there.

Int: Imagine dragons? (I found another fan) He was happy. They are coming with new album right?

Me: I told. Smoke and mirrors. Rest was like two buddies discussing about their favorite bands. Inside I felt guilty cause I always cursed music because I thought It was the reason for me for not getting a job. But It is the reason because of which I got this job. Thanks Music and ID. Music is my life.

Int: Tell me what kind of PC games you play.
Me: Mostly adventurous.

Int: Any favorites?
Me: Assassin's creed, crysis, Tomb raider, POP.

Int: Asked me to explain stories of AC and tomb.
Me: Explained. If you love something you can easily tell about it to others with enthusiasm.

Int: I don;t know anything about java. Tell me something about it.
Me:Told all features of java.

Int: Ready for relocation?
Me: I like to meet new people, experience new cultures, visit new places. Relocation won't be a problem.

Int: Which technology you want to work?
Me: I would like to work in any technology as a fresher. Careful it may be a yorker question. Don't get carried away.

Any many more such questions. Finally He asked me to sign the document. I did. Though it is long process but trust me if you are well prepared and confident it is piece of cake for you. "DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME BY GOING TO AN INTERVIEW BLINDLY. PREPARE. ".

I was just like many others in search of job since 1 year. There were days I lost my faith. I cried too. But one thing I kept doing. I kept on improvising myself. But in the end only hard work pays off. Believe in God and his greater cause. Play your part.

Be confident.
Be smart.
Be genuine.

Best of luck for your future.
If this post will help you somehow please share it to others.

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