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Cognizant Technology Solutions - PUNE, 13 DEC 2014

Posted By : Arpan Shah Rating : +49, -2
Hi friends. My name is arpan and here I will share my interview experience of CTS held at pune 13th dec 2014.

I am from ece branch (2014) and I gave an AMCAT exam on 19th oct based on which I was shortlisted for cognizant for direct technical interview at pune.

Here I gotta tell you that amcat is really great service if your academics are,

Good and you scored more than 80% in AMCAT. I am still getting lot of calls.

If you have not given amcat then your first round would be aptitude test which is organized by aspiring minds (means AMCAT).

There are three sections in aptitude:

1. Quant.
2. Logical.
3. Verbal.

Generally aptitude test is easy to crack. I recommend to go through R. S. Agrawal (quant) and for logical and verbal section.

I already gave an amcat. So I was shortlisted for direct interview.

We were about 70-80 candidates shortlisted like this. Now first round was technical interview and there was 2 it guys to take my tech round.

Me: Shall I come in sir? (do not forget this it makes good impo. ).

Sir: Yes.

Me: Good morning sir (while shaking hands).

Sir: Good morning arpan. Take a seat please.

Me: Thank you.  (keep a smile on your face throughout interview).

Sir: So arpan I have your all academic background here. But tell me about your self first.  (this is common in all interview so prepare well. And be brief).

Me: Sure sir. I would like to. But first I would like to share my gratitude's to you for this opportunity. Well my name is arpan shah and I come from ahmedabad, gujarat. My highest educational qualification is BE in e&c from gtu with flying colors (no need to mention % and all that he knows already). I did my schooling from gujarat board.

Now if enlighten my family background, we are 4. My parents and my elder brother. My father is ca and works as info-head in private company and mother is housewife. My brother is software engineer and works as php developer in pune. If I may add little bit for myself then I would like to say that I am competent and continuously looking for growth and ways to enhance my skills to get my work done. I am decently skilled in aptitude, logic's and programming fundas of pop and oop which is reflected by my amcat score. And my goal is to get well placed in good organization like yours with promising profile and better future scopes. Thank you again sir.

Sir: Ok arpan. Now I see your profile and I find that your scores decreasing as from 10th to 12th to degree.  (I got 91, 80 70 accordingly).

(now I was little stumped and stoned by this question, I didn't know what to answer!).

Me: Sir I performed my best but yes I could have scored more in 12th I got low scores in gujcet exam of maths which affected my score.

Sir: So you are saying maths is your weakness.

Me: No sir maths is not weakness in fact it is strong points but particular that exam I got low scores.

(that was not good answer I knew but I didn't know what to say. ! actually he was checking my confidence I realized later).

Sir: Ok explain me your final project.

Me: Explained in details.  (use technical terms also and explain clearly the concept and technologies used).

He asked few q's about it and I answered.

Sir: Tell me your favorite subject.

Me: Micro controller.

Sir: I don't know anything about it. Lets start with digital.

He asked my basics like what is flip flops, truth table etc.

Then he gave me puzzle in one day how much maximum score can a batsman do?

Me: 1653 (I knew answer its famous!).

Sir: Did you consider wide and no balls.  (oops forgot).

Me: No sir I forgot. I assumed.

Sir: So you work on assumptions.

Me: No sir that's not how I do.

Sir: He asked some q's about ms powerpoint and word (I mentioned in resume).

Me: I could not answer.

Sir: You mentioned in resume.

Me: Yes sir I presented and did work in college.

Sir: Ok.  (that looked bad. Don't do that!).

Sir: Ok do you know c? I said yes.

Sir: Size of integer?

Me: 2 or 4 (system dependent).

Sir: Are you sure? because I am not sure.

Me: Yes sir I am sure.  (be firm on your answer they check your confidence answer does not matter).

Sir: Ok how to exchange 2 variables without using third variable.

Me: I explained program.

Sir: If you are given a project in africa will you go?

Me: Yes definitely I love to travel (say yes no matter what its important).

Sir: Ok. How to measure the average of bike precisely.

Me: Sir we cannot measure precisely but we can measure approximately.

Sir: But I want to measure prefect.

I tried to answer 2 or 3 ways but he wasn't convinced much. Then he said I am giving you 5 minutes till we decide. You try to give me exact average.

So I waited outside and thought something. Then I entered and gave answer still he said this is not exact.

Me: That's all sir.

Sir: Ok wait outside 5 minutes.

Then I waited and 5 minutes later amcat coordinator came and said I have cleared technical round and go for hr. Hr round is merely formality almost you are done if you clear tech round. Be good in that also. If you mess it you may be rejected.

Then in different section I waited for like 30 minutes. 25-30 candidates cleared tech. Most of them were girls. Hardly 5-6 boys were there. You got benefits if you are a girl!

In hr round one lady and a guy were.

Me: Knocked. Shall I come in sir?

Mam: Yes.

Me: Good morning sir, mam with handshake.

Mam: Very good morning arpan.

Mam: So you cleared your tech round. How was it?

Me: Good. And quite challenging.

Mam: Ok. Tell me about yourself (again same speech).

Mam: Then she asked me from resume what I did in events.  (be specific and do not over bluff).

Mam: What do you do besides study.

Me: Said some activities.  (say at least 2 or 3).

Mam: You read swami vivekananda books. I give you a situation. If you are on your way to interview and you see somebody gets injured in accident so what would you do help or come for interview.

Me: I would definitely try to help a person. I would try to look for police near by or hospital or any help near by or I would call 108 number.

Then I would come for interview and try to convince them that I was caught up in situation and if they could excuse me for that.

Mam: But what if you could never make it to interview. What would you do then,

Me: Then I would mail to company and try to give me another chance for interview. But I would definitely help the person.

Mam: Ok Arpan I am done from my side. Do you have any questions?

Me: I asked about joining time and profile.

Then she had me signed for a paper which said that I am ready to relocate for any location and for any technology they give me to work.

She verified my mark sheets.

Then she said they will mail the result. And I can go home.

After 8 days I got mail that I was selected. : -) ) ) within 15 days all my procedures completed and they even gave me joining. They are very fast in joining.

Key points: Be good with your resume. Make it short and straight. Do not mention those skills at which you are not perfect. It will look bad.

Be confident and good with your communication skills. They check your confidence very much rather than answer.

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