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Venue: B. L. D. A.’s college of Engg . And Tech.-Bijapur
Total appeared : About 650
Selected 4 interview : 131
Final Selection : 48

Post : Programmer Analyst Trainee
Package  : 2.5lakhs during 1 year training & 2.7 after that.
Bond : No Bond.
Working : 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week.

Hi Friends
I am very happy that I have been selected in world’s best & fastest growing IT firm “COGNIZANT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS”. The most interesting thing is that I am Electrical & Electronics Engineering student.

Firstly there was a very interesting & happening PPT. Keep a good eye on the slides as its contents were asked in HR interview.

The MERITTRAC persons came & gave an OMR sheet which consisted of a form with following details to be filled. NOTE:  Be confident of the content u r filling as the HR was having the same in his hand during interview. Don’t forget 2 bring a well prepared resume & stamp size photograph along with Xerox of all ur marks card fm 10th up till ur last sem. Questions 2 b filled in that form:
  1. Name:
  2. Date of Birth:
  3. Address:
  4. Permanent Address:
  5. Phone:
  6. Email ID:
  7. Nationality:
  8. 10th Percentage
  9. 12th Percentage
 10. If you have qualified through Entrance Exam the Score you got on the total is asked, you can also give your rank.
 11. BE Percentage Semester Wise
 12. Post graduation again Semester wise
 13. Software Exposure
 14. Interests, Hobbies & Extra co curriculum.

Prepare urself 2 ans them with supporting points like why, what it inculcates in u etc.

 15. What is that a successful Software Professional requires and what that you have got?

Just answer in 3-5 points and just tell them that you think you have them in you to be a successful Software Professional. Be good in your language and avoid mistakes.

 16. Your Strengths and Weakness:
 17. What u expect fm CTS
 18. Short term & long term plans in CTS.

Please mention them with the reason following, this helped me reduce the interview time. They will cross check by asking you the same questions in Interview so be careful to answer the same one's when asked no new once added to that. The papers will be taken back after the allotted time for each section.

The test consisted of three sessions and no negative marking.
   * Verbal
   * Analytical
   * Reasoning

Verbal (20 Ques & 20 Min)
It basically consisted of 2 passages one is long and the other a short one, and que based on it. 5 questions like select the correct sentence from 5 choices given (there can be more than one sentences like both a& b, a alone, both b & c and so on). Then comes choose the incorrect sentence, then there is also things like rearrange the sentence for form a paragraph.

The section was really tough so b prepared. Frnds rembr this is important first do the grammar part and then go for the passage or else a lot of time will be lost. But I was truly opposite in my case as the grammar was really tough so the only scoring part was passage. Try to do better in this session because I thing there is no separate cut off.

Quant and reasoning :( 25 ques & 20 Min)
It consist of questions from sets, cubes, coding decoding

  1. Please go thru the set problems as there were 8 ques on this & I haven’t ansed even one.
The problems were like a, b, c, d, e went to take photos in forest a took photos of Deer, b took that of elephant, c of horses, d of deer & elephant, e of elephant and horse. If a took 10, b took 14, c took 7, like that the find no. of horses, deer, elephants.

  2. If 1 is represented by $ and 0 by # .then some binary conversions involving arithmetic operations were 2 b solved. There were 6 questions are based on it.

  3. Then there is a question based on cubes like
A cube is cut into 125 pieces and another in 64 .Then they r joined together and one side of smaller part is removed then the whole assembly is painted black. Five questions are based on it like how many are painted, how may at least one side, two side, three sides painted like that.

The conversions and cube problems were my strength so I was really fast to do that and then making predictions on the set problems. I have made continuous‘d’ for the set problems that I didn’t knew how 2 solve.

Mental Ability :( 20 Ques and 20 min)
This is the best part where you can score. A lot the question are from verbal and non verbal reasoning by RS Aggarwal. plz refer these chapters
1. Data sufficiency (Chap 16)
2. Logic (session 2 chap 1, doing the solved e.g. is enough)
3. Choose the odd man out of given 4 figures (simple fig are given, simple circles overdrawn, squares, pentagons and so on). Very simple.
4. 5 general aptitude Que.

Remember there is no negative marking so try your luck, God is with you guys.

No need to go through RS Aggarwal Quant Aptitude Just studies the verbal and non verbal reasoning of RS Aggarwal.

Interview (HR + Technical):
There were 9 panels & the candidates’ fm our college i.e., GURU NANK DEV ENGINEERING COLLEGE, BIDAR, KARNATAKA who were from electrical sciences (ECE+EEE+CSE+ISE) were in panel 9.

The result of written was announced at 2:30 and interviews were scheduled fm 2:45. Mine was at 4:45.This was the 1st time I was facing it. The tension was really building up as my name was approaching, the bpm was very high but as soon as I entered the room & ansed 1st que it became very-very cool. All the fear was gone once I was in the HOT-SEAT. It was like the combination of intro (HR) and viva (Tech). It lasted 40 min.

It was like this:

Me: May I come in sir (M)?
HR: Please.
HR: Please take ur seat.
Me: Thank u sir (with gentle smile).

HR: So r u Mr. Vinay Kumar Karodia?
Me: Yah.

HR: Can I have ur resume and mark sheet copies?
Me: Yes please (handed over to him).
HR: So u have got distinction in all the semesters?
Me: Yes.
HR: Nice.

HR: Tell me something abt ur self.
Me: Answered (always ans in a good sequence).
           Then he came to the tech part

HR: (Looking at the subjects from the mark sheets) what is AM & FM?
Me: Answered. ( Always ans with e.g. & comparisons).
HR: What is power electronics?
Me: Answered.
HR: What are its applications?
Me: Answered.
HR: ok nice.

HR: So what r the types of variables in c.
Me: 3 types : static, local & global.
Me: Explained all of them with e.g. of declaration, area of use, lifetime & syntax.

HR: OK So what u study in electricals?
Me: Answered starting fm gen, trans, distri, & application.
           (Try to give max of u in this type of que , tell him how wide is ur knowledge)
HR: How electricity is generated?
Me: Gave a long description fm diseal, hydro (types + turbine types), thermal, neuclear.
           (Start fm simplest one & referring to is advantages & limitations proceed to the next. Compare the two & move to third. Show him ur knowledge & confidence. Use your hand to compare the things, explaining the shapes, movement, directions etc this shows your confidence level)

HR: Can u write a c program for me?
Me: Yah, written (the syntax & logic matters a lot)
HR: Nice.
HR: what r ur hobbies?
Me: Exploring softwares, programming, internet surfing & computer gaming.
HR: what u mean by exploring softwares? What kind of softwares?

Me: (very well prepared for this) sir, I am mainly involved with application softwares like those for internet surfing, imaging & entertainment and I am always in search of latest versions, comparing them with older once. Even my friends rely on me of the software advice. (gave some e.g. of these)

Me: Like that recently I have downloaded OPERA 9.02 (web browser) which have these new features than the 9.01. (Gave few e.g.).

Likewise comparing OPERA with IE, we can copy the contents fm web page & maintain a separate note of them “inside” opera categorically which is not possible in IE, thus allocating seperate memory in opera (not in documents) and directly giving paste command at required fields also the download speed is very fast in this.
HR: Fine.

HR: Any extra cocurriculur activity?
Me: I am third year Air wing NCC Cadet, told abt our activities in a wide story.

HR: So why r u not willing to join defense, why here in software industry?
Me: Sir I had joined the NCC with a moto to learn the discipline, leadership, teamwork, honesty, adjustments in any circumstances and I think I had got a lot fm it in last three years. Like we r having camps twice a year where we meet, interact & live with other cadets (outstation) to learn leadership, teamwork, adjustments etc. And I had severe interest in computers fm my childhood so I decided to go with it.
HR: good.

HR: Are u interested in newspapers or magazines?
Me: Sir I prefer newspaper rather than a magazine.
HR: Which one.
Me: The Hindu. (I was a little afraid & waiting 4 a discussion on current affair topic but….)
HR: Ok who is the PM of India ?
Me: Ansed with a sudden smile.
HR: and FM?
Me: Ansed.

HR: So how much u know abt CTS?
Me: only that much told in the PPT (Knew a lot but was not confident).
HR: And abt Infosys?
Me: A little.
HR: Who was the CEO who recently resigned?
Me: Told
HR: And the present.
Me: Sorry sir I don’t know that.
HR: Who is CEO of CTS?
Me: Ansed.
HR: And the president?
Me: told.
HR: OK Nice.

HR: R u ok with working in Chennai? (This is a tricky que as the obvious ans is YES but add a supporting ans to this).
Me: (very confidently) Yah definitely. As I am fm defense background (father side IAF) so I can adjust myself in any place & in any circumstances. I am having no problems in working in south (as I am fm north: resume).
HR: Thank u Mr. Vinay (hand shake) have a nice day ur result will b announced at 6.
Me: Thank u Sir. (Don’t turn while leaving the room).

Always give a supporting point to ur ans & with tech part if after long discussion if it seems u r wrong, continue it that way to prove your confidence & debating capabilities.

So do well in written and u will be having a good time in interview.

The result was finally out at 8:30. It was the most awaited moment of my life. My name was first to be announced fm my college and we were 9 fm our college. I rang upto my mom & believe me I was left speechless. It was celebration time 4 me & my friends out there. But I was amassed with what my friend did with me when I came out with my call letter. They put me on their shoulders & given me a ride of whole college. Thanking them 4 that and the discussion we were having in college, during traveling & lodging which helped me a lot. This experience I am writing to help the community of online papers which helped me a lot and dedicating it to my family & friends and to those who believe in themselves because confidence in the first step of success. So friends b confident GOD is with u. All the best for your Future endeavors in getting placed in a good company.

Vinay Kumar Karodia

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