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Hai Friends Im Srividhya. R. I got the job in CTS. Thanks to Friends I got the job through ANNA UNIVERSITY CAMPUS RECRUITMENT. One important thing you should keep in your mind is that if got more and maximum marks in the written test conducted by any company you are facing for the Interview will be like a cakewalk (even if not answer well and you secured good percentage in your degree examination too they will obviously select you).

So don't worry, before CTS I faced lot of failures. I attended the Infosys campus recruitment but I didn't clear the written test even and I attended the Satyam by off campus as arranged by my college ( I m from ARASU ENGINEERING COLLEGE. I m a final year student). So failures are the stepping stones to SUCCESS. If u are getting a lot of failures a very good and the best one is awaiting you.

   In CTS they short listed the candidates based on their ranking in the written test. I got 7th rank. Generally the interview will not be a barrier for the people who are within the first 20 ranks. So try score well in the written test. There will be no negative marking and the paper will be dam easy for you. THERE WILL BE NO APTITUDE. Just throw out the R.S.AGARWAL don't give strain to your mind. NO VOCABULARY WILL BE THERE. ONLY VERBAL AND NON-VERBAL REASONING WITH SOME PUZZLES FROM "Puzzles and teasers- by George Summers"(but only simple puzzles from that) AND SOME SEATING ARRANGEMENTS PROBLEM AND SET THEORYAND CUBES PROBLEM. AND TWO PASSAGES AND 5 Q FROM EACH PASSAGE.

       HAVE TWO CLEAR COPIES OF RESUME. Along with the written test you have to pin your passport size recent colour photograph and one copy of resume and application form that they would give.

My Paper consists of three sections and my set no. is 5609

I had some twenty questions on finding the correct and incorrect sentences
And then two passages. After completing all the simple questions u come to passage..
The total marks were 70. I don't know the cutoff.and even my mark. time will be more than enough I have 10 min remaining. if you have time after finishing please check your applcation form first, please please. Because you will be filling it in a hurry of 10 min. so you would have probably commit mistakes.

They contain some non verbal reasoning like picking the odd man out.
And one set theory problem like
There is one exhibition in that there is toy for children which can be bought from three parts of exhibition.(i.e., part A of the toy will be in one part of the exhiobition and part B will be in second part of the exhibition...) so the children who got part A ony is 11ans children who got part B is 7 and students who got part C is 2. children who part A and C are equal. And children who got part B is 15. and the total no. of children are 121.
And 5 Q from this.

   SECTION  I        VERBAL         25 MARKS        25 MIN            
   SECTION  II        ANALTICAL    25 MARKS        30 MIN            
   SECTION III         NON VERBAL20 MARKS        20 MIN
My Interview:
I belong to ECE dept. I know NIL software languages. I was the first member to my panel. Because they called the candidates based on their ranking in the written test. there were totally 15 panels my interview lost for only 20 min and our interaction would be for only 15 min. there was only one member in my panel. He was around 30-35 years I think. He was very cool.

Srividhya:Goodmorning Sir.
( he thought that I was goint to the panel to the back of him. Actually the recruitment was arranged in SARANATHAN ENGINEERING COLLEGE-TRICHY AND they arranged for the interview in the computer laboratory in one lab there was 5 panels. they asked me to go to the center panel)
int: welcome. take your seat
srividhya:thankyou sir
int:give me your marksheets(he looked into that seriously for 2 min)
int: ok srvidhya tell me about yourself
srividhya:bla bla bla
int:wats your field of interest?
Int:mine too
(I was shocked and starred for a moment. My goodness at that time some volunteer of that college came to give my written test paper so he didn't notice my face)
int: ok tell me what do you know about bio medical instrumentaion
srividhya: it signifies the use of great invention of electronics in bio medical field
       (And topics covered in that.though he had also involved with the same field of interest. i know but his syllabus would be different and it won't cover the new advanced technologies so..)
srividhya: the advanced technologies are BIO TELEMETRY and CRYOGENICS
(thank god my guess was wright)
int: what is cryogenics
srividhya: explained
int:wat you know in technical field
srividhya:MICROCONTROLLER(I prepared a lot on that it was my fav. Subject. but he was not interested in that)
int:then.wat are all the subjects u studied int the last semester
srividhya:digital communication
srividhya:communicaton theory and systems
int : don't you know NETWORK THEORY?
Srividhya:sorry sir. I can't recollect that
Int. but you studied in the last semester only
Srividhya. No sir I studied only computer communication networks in tha last semester(my score in that paper was 96 so he asked-I think.)
Int :ok wat are all topics you studied in that paper
Srividhya:OSI model and protocols and flow control and error controland ...
Int:no. of layers in OSI model
Srividhya:seven layers
Int:explain the function of each layer
(while explaining physical layer)
int: how the sender knows the packet was received by receiver
srividhya:by some acknowledgement
int:if the packet was lost
srividhya: the sender will resent all the packets again
int:all or only lost packet?
Srividhya: there are two types sir in selective reject all the packets that were sent after the lost packet has to sent again and in selective reject it is sufficient to send the lost packet only
Int:which is better>
Srividhya:selective reject
Int:continue your Osi model( I explaine it with a paperwhich he provided)
Int:wat are the gates you know
Int: explain XOR
Srividhya: I explained it with a truth table (but I  forgot to draw the diagram)
Int:wat is the other name of XOR
Srividhya:mmmm. Sorry sir
Int: have u attended any other interview
Srividhya: yes sir I attende infisys by on campus and satyam by off campus in both if it I didn't clear the written testand I didn't attend the WIPRO
Int:ok leave that. give your 10th and 12th marksheets
Srividhya: gave that
(he viewed my certificates)
int:so, you are the topper in your college?
Srividhya: yes sir.
Int: ( he closed my resume) why Cognizant
Srividhya: it's a US based company
Int:WIPRO is also a US based company
Srividhya:but they prefer only technically stron g people. And I lack software skills but I m eager to learn that.
Int. ok. Any questions
Srividhya:how do you see that our customers are satisfied
Int:by means of surveys......
Srividhya.(nodding my head)
Int ok you can leave
Srividhya:thank you sir

(if they ask "do you have any question?" don't ask any silly question like "am I selcted or not?" and like that. Be intellectual. atleast you have to impress them by it. it is  a chance)

I attended the interview at 8:30 in the morning and the results were anounced  at 6:00 pm. The in between gap was very very very hard for me to pass. for the candidates after 20 ranks the interview longed for 30-40 min. Even for the ECE and EEE students they asked questions from in depth of their subject.


Actually four candidates cleared the written test from my college. Out of the three candidates including me were selected.


Temporary address
Permanent address
Phone no.
Mobile no.
Email id 1                        email id2
Any arrears?
Reason if any?
Have you cleared all your papers in the first attempt?
Computer orientation: (don't have any please put NONE because I put that)
Hobbies and extra curricular activities:
Strengths and weakness:
What do you expect from cognizant?(answer in  4 precise points)
What is your short term and long term palns?(answer one in each)
What are the qualities you think that is necessary for a successful software proffesional>? (Answer in 6 lines)

(they don't ask for marital status I think this would put me a barrier or satyam and infosys because they asked about that in the application form itself)
so be prepared to answer above because they will give only 10 min. so prepare well before.

I prepared on it and it took me correctly10 min only. If u cannot answer it within 10 min they will give you answer sheets and you will have to spare you written test time. So be cautious and prepare for the last three as well and notable.

If you have any doubts or if you want any guidance or placement papers of CTS or any other company  you can freely contact me at . I will guide you

-R.Srividhya Shrikumar

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