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Hi Friends


Total 60 minutes, No Negative marks

Verbal Ability 20 minutes 25 questions
Quantitative   30 minutes 25 questions
Analytical     20 minutes 20 questions
The papers will be taken back after the allotted time for each section.

First the MeritTrac People will give you the Instruction Sheet and The OMR sheet. Please read the instructions carefully it will help you a lot. Then You will have to fill some information infact a lot.

Please remember all the Semester Percentages and have them calculated on a sheet of paper. Have your Resume and a Photograph with you they will be pinned to your OMR sheet. So take an EXTRA RESUME.

Questions in the OMR SHEET:
· Name:
· Temporary address :
· Permanent address :
· Phone no.
· Mobile no.
· Email id 1         email id2
· UG ACADEMIC PROFILE TABLE(1st  to 8th  sem)
· Any arrears?
· Reason if any?
· Have you cleared all your papers in the first attempt?
· Computer orientation: (I put C & JAVA)
· Hobbies and extra curricular activities:
· Strengths and weakness:
(Please mention them with the reason following, this helped me reduce the interview time. They will cross check by asking you the same questions in Interview so be careful to answer the same one's when asked no new once added to that.)
· What do you expect from cognizant?(answer in  3-4 precise points)
· What is your short term and long term goals?(answer one in each)
· What are the qualities you think that is necessary for successful software professional?
(Just answer in 3 points and just tell them that you think you have them in you to be a successful Sofware Professional.Be good in your language and avoid mistakes)

So be prepared to answer above because they will give only 10 min. so prepare well before. I prepared on it and it took me correctly 10 min only. If u cannot answer it within 10 min they will give you answer sheets and you will have to spare your written test time. So be cautious and prepare for the last three as well and notable. Because they can ask questions In HR round from it.  


Verbal Ability (20 minutes 25 questions)
5 on Finding the Correct  Sentences.
5 on Finding the the incorrect Sentences.
5 on Arranging the Jumbled Sentences.
2 Reading Comprehensions with 5 Questions in Each.

Tip : First answer finding the incorrect sentences and the Jumbled sentences, Then  Correction of sentences and then read a Reading Comprehension that is short in textual matter in that order.First read the RC questions and then read the RC, You will get all the answers in no time.

Quantitative (30 minutes 25 questions)
5 on Venn Diagrams
5 Data Sufficiency problems
5 on Binary Numbers
5 on Cubes
5 on Some Aptitude questions on Averages and Equations.
Ven Diagram Problem (5 Questions)

(1)In a party 10 take only tea 15 take tea and 8 take only coffee then what is the number of  persons take either coffee or tea.(nos are not exact).

(2) In a college there are students who can play either football or cricket or both. 500 play cricket 220 play both and 600 play football .what is the total strength of the college.

(3)At an international conference, 100 delegates spoke English, 40 spoke French, and 20 spoke both English and French. How many delegates could speak at least one of these two languages?

(4)In a group of 400 readers who read science fiction or literacy works or both, 250 read science fiction and 230 read literacy works. How many read both science fiction and literacy works?

(5)In town of 500 people, 285 read Hindu and 212 read Indian express and 127read Times of India 20 read hindu and times of India and 29 read hindu and Indian express and 35 read times of India and Indian express. 50 read no news paper. Then how many read only one  paper?

**the question is not exact but the wordings are similar.Ther was Five such type of questions;

Binary Numbers  (5 Questions)
In a certain code, the symbol for 0 (zero) is. * and that for 1 is $. The numb.:rs greater than 1 are to be written only by using the two symbols given above. The value of the symbol for 1 doubles itself every time it shifts one place to the left.

(For example, 4 is written as $**; and; 3 is written as $$)

(6) 260 can be represented as:
A) $****$**    B) $$*$$$$$      C) $$*$$$$**      D) $*****$**

(7) 60 / 17 can also be represented as:
A) $$$*$*** / $$**$$       B) $$$***** / $$**$$     C) $*$$*$** / $$**$$        D) $$*$*$** / $$**$$

(8) $***$ can be represented as:
A) $$$ / $*      B) $*$**- $$       C) $*$*$- $$     D) $$$***$ - $$

(9)  30^2 can be represented as:
A) ($$*$$ ) $*+ $*$*$$*$    B) ($$*$$ ) $* + $$****$   C) ( $$*$$ ) $$ + $*$****   D) ( $$*$$ ) $$ + $*$**$

(10) 11x 17 / 10 + 2 x 5 + 3 / 10 can also be represented as:
A) $*$$*     B) $*$$$      C) $$$*$      D) $**$$

Binary 3 - 011 & 4 - 100 & 5 - 001 so convert it into binary n solve it.
The data in these 5 questions are not what was given in the exam. But the pattern is same

Data Sufficiency problems (5 Questions)

(Direction) Each questions given, has a problem and two statements numbered I and II given certain information. You have to decide if the information given in the statement is sufficient for answering the problem. Indicate your answer as
(a) If the data in statement I along are sufficient to answer the questions;
(b) If the data in statement II along are sufficient to answer the questions;
(c) If both statements are required.
(d) If the data in both the statement together are not sufficient to answer the questions.

(11) In the last month the company decide to increase the cost of its mixer by 10%. What is the present prise of muxer?
I. The cost of mixer and juicer together was Rs. 2850 a month ago.
II. The amount of 10% increase on the mixer comes to Rs 220.
(Ans: B  Because Only Statement II is needed to answer the above questions.)

Other Questions was same type….
(For this Section Just Go through Data sufficiency Chapter (Chapter 16) from R.S. Aggarwal. This is enough for answering these questions)

Cubes (5 questions)
A red cube cut into 125 equal size of small cube. Then from the top layer Remove the all the cube from 2nd and 4th row.  Then do the same for the 2nd layer and so on to the last layer. After that the entire structure painted Black.

Answer the Following questions:
(1) 4 side painted red.
(2) 4 side painted black
(3) 3 side painted Black

Aptitude questions
(1) A and B start walking same time form the same point and walk in same direction.  A walk at a speed of 3mile/hour and B 4mile/hour. After 2hour and   15 min B take a rest for 45 min. But A continuously walks. After taking rest B start to return. How much distance from the starting point they meet together? (Ans : 9 Mile)

(2) Appu ranks sixteenth from the top and forty ninth from the bottom in a class. How many students are there in the class? (Ans : 64)

Tip: First do the Binary numbers problem, its a direct lifting from the Book Quicker Maths by Tyra. It says substitute $=1 and *=0 and just solve the problems. There will some catches like it doubles and things like that just forget them and go on doing its just plain Binary numbers.

->Data Sufficiency was very easy. One Question on Right angled triangle in which given 2 sides we are asked whether we can find the area with just one side given, or we need both.
->Then do the Venn Diagrams. Please practice these before you go, it’s very easy and it uses 3 sets on a whole. You need to solve for the intersection of those from the basic formula and you are 90% done with the questions.
->Cubes problem was a bit problematic and confusing. It will be better if you try if after solving other problems. Though I was not able to solve the cube problem, I scored 18 out of 25. But some times they give some simple cube problem. Then do it first.  Like the following problem

* A cube which is painted all side is divided into 125 parts
Q How many single side painted
Q How many 2 sided
Q how many 3 sided
Q how many none

this is very easy if u use the formulae
Total no.of cubes= n3
exactly one face=6*(n-2)whole square
exactly two faces painted=12(n-2)
no face painted =(n-2)whole cube

Analytical (20 minutes 20 questions)
5-6 logic questions like

1)All Fans are Coolers
Some Coolers are AC's

2)No Politician is Honest
No honest person is intelligent

3)All fruits are vegetables
All vegetables are green

choose the conclusion from following…….
Some figure odd man out matching questions (10 questions) like

Ans : (a); Because All other figures have the four cups opening in the different direction.

Nonverbal from RS Agarwal will help you a lot.Some easy questions in picture based to look forward will be the figures which are closed and open figures.There will be only one Closed figure and other open and surely and ODD man Out

One puzzles Question is also there. 3 Questions asked from this puzzle. (I don’t remember Questions)

As a whole the paper was easy. There was no negative marking that’s why I answered all the questions. I saw my score at the time of interview. It was
Verbal Ability = 8
Quantitative = 18
Analytical = 9
Total = 35 out of 70

Our result announced on 25th October in CTS website. I saw that I was short listed for the interview. Total 767 students cleared the aptitude exam. My Interview was on 26th October at 10 am at Techno India Campus, Salt Lake , Sector-V.  So I got only half day for prepare myself for the interview.

Next day I got strange when they call me for interview first of all. I was the first candidate who gave the interview.

Technical + HR Interview  

There were two men near about 30 years old were in my panel (panel No. 1).
Me: Good morning sir.
Interviewer: Good morning Arindam. Please sit down.
Me: Thank you sir.

Interviewer: Tell me something about yourself.
Me: (I gave my Introduction)

Interviewer: What was your final year project?
Interviewer: What is QAM?
Me: This is a special type of modulation by which………………

Interviewer: What is Modulation?
Me: (I told the definition of modulation)

Interviewer: What is Band Width?
Me: (Answered) (Actually I was not well prepared in my project, that’s why I tried to convert them into my favorite subjects)

Me: Sir, My favorite subjects are C, Microprocessor, Digital Electronics...

Interviewer: Ok, rate your technical skills in C out of 10?
Me: 6/10

Interviewer: Explain the whole process from writing code to execution of a C program.
Me: (I explained with draw proper diagram)

Interviewer: What you have done in C?
Me: I did various type of C program in our computer lab. And there was also a theoretical paper in our syllabus.

Interviewer: What type of programming you have done in your lab.
Me: Shorting, Searching …etc (Actually I was confident in Shorting)

Interviewer: Do you know bubble sort?
Me: Yes sir.

Interviewer: Can you explain it?
Me: Yes sir I can write the total program also.

Interviewer: Ok, write it down.
Me: (I write whole program and explain it.)

Interviewer: Do you know pointer?
Me: Yes sir.

Interviewer: Explain *p++, ++*p and (*p) ++
Me: (I explain each & every statement by using diagram)

Interviewer: ok... Good.
Interviewer: How many types of addressing modes are there in 8085?
Me: Two Types of addressing modes. (1) Memory mapped I/O, (2) Peripheral Mapped I/O

Interviewer: No there are 4 types of Addressing Modes.
 (But I know only 2 types of addressing modes.)

Interviewer: Why CTS?
Me: It is an US based company… (I told some reasons)

Interviewer: But CSC also a US based company
Me: (I told some another points)

Interviewer: Have you any interest in onsite work or r you ready to go abroad?
Me: If company thinks that I have the capability to go to abroad then I am ready to go.

Interviewer: Suppose you think, in your team you are best. But your team leader does not think so. He thinks that some other in your team is best and gives him the opportunities to go to abroad. Then at this moment what will be your personal feelings?

Me: Sir I think that every one’s thought may not be same. According to me I am best but according to him I may not be best. It is a human nature. So I will easily accept his decision. Company will not work only on my thoughts. I believe if I have really the capabilities then one day he will obviously think about me.    

Interviewer: Ok Arindam have you any questions?
Me: please tell me something about the training program in CTS.

Interviewer: (He answered) Have you any other questions?
Me: No sir.

Me: Sir may I know your name please?
Interviewer: Yeaa sure, I am Nilay.
Me: Thank you sir.

Interviewer: Thank you Arindam. You just wait outside for HR interview.
Me: Ok sir.

(My Interview was just only for 20-25 min. I was the first candidate for HR round also)

HR Interview

Interviewer: Tell me something about yourself.
Me: (I started from my family background)

Interviewer: (He Stopped me and told) Please tell me some thing about your self not about your family background.
Me: Ok sir, I have just passed my B.Tech form DIATM this year with an DGPA of 8.16…..(After telling 2-3 sentence another interviewer came who took my Technical interview and gave to him  my aptitude exam paper and marks of technical round)

Interviewer:  Have any hobbies?  
Me: Yes sir, I would like to play guitar and listen music.

Interviewer: Tell me some thing about your campus placement.
Me: Sir, I cleared the aptitude exam in IBM and CSC, but I was not able to clear the last round. And in MBT and Caritor I was not able to clear the aptitude exam.

Interviewer: Ok Arindam you just see the final result in our website.
Me: Thank you sir.

I had to wait to see final results for 7days; it was published on 2nd November at CTS website. Finally 207 lucky candidates were selected by CTS. Thank goddddddddd… I was one of them. So don't worry, before CTS, I faced lot of failures. Caritor - MBT - Sasken - L & T - Integra - IBM (Back from HR) - CSC (Back from HR) - Varizon - Indianoil - Infosys - Satyam(Back from GD) - CTS (Crack it).

So remember “SUCCESS is the ability to go from failure to failure without loosing your enthusiasm”. If you are getting a lot of failures a very good and the best one is awaiting for you.

ALL THE BEST for you guys. Gods always with us, because we deserve the best. Hope we meet at CTS.

Arindam Sarkar.

(Papaer Submitted By : Priya)

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