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My interview experience  
Hi Friends I am very happy to say u that i got selected for the CTS in TNSLPP in GCT, Coimbatore on 12th august. Along with me 5 members from our college have been selected. I congratulate them and i wish them all a very good and bright future. I would like to thank all of my friends for this success and my sincere thanks to hidayath, raihan, rashed, kousik and priya, lavanya and my vverry sppecial thanks to my best friends rashed and logeshwari.
I was very happy to say u guys that "i am the first person to get selected from our class and even from college (in this year)" b'coz my interview was at 9.10 AM and ended at 9.30 PM ( i am saying w.r.t to time)and at that time i was 90% sure that i will be selected. Don't think that i am taking over pride, but i feel this as gratitude and honour.
Here i am sharing with u my interview experience which was nice and superb, which i won't forget in ever life time. The interview was very formal and HR was a very nice person and was very friendly. Moreover he was asking very basic and simple questions in computer science. I was having a very good eye-contact with him. U guys also be sure to do so, because it will make a good impression about u.
Thank god! for 80% of his questions i had answered nice and my answers seemed to be satisfied him. For the rest 20%, some questions were very deep and i managed to tell my ideas about that and for some questions i told very frankly that "i don't know sir" and for some i said "I can't recollect it sir".
But i was sure that the man was expecting three things from me (and all also generally):
1. My communication Skill
2. My confidence level (i.e. if i know means how well i am expressing it and if i do not know means how i was free and frank to tell him that i don't know. it will also test ur basic knowledge in ur subject)
3. My attitude and Personality (i.e. how i was answering, my actions, my body language, my expressions and my approach to him etc)
why i am telling this to u guys is that while i was answering i noticed him that he was not listening to my answers very keen and he was very much prepared to put forth the next question and he was constantly noticing me only.
TIPS: while u was answering if ur eyes goes leftwards then, u r making up for the answers(lying). If it was goes rightwards then u r thinking abt the answers (truly thinking). It is a psychological analysis and so plz guys avoid doing so and better have a eye-contact with him which will boosts ur personality before him.
It was 12th august. Time was 9.10A.M. I was very nervous and was and very anxiously waiting outside. One man was standing outside my panel and he was speaking with someone in the mobile wearing the CTS ID tag. He suddenly asked me "r u Mr.R.karthick?" i replied "yes sir". Then he had called me to come inside. I was very much excited as didn't know that he is the HR Manager for me. My nervousness gone and i had prepared myself for a very successful interview. Now i am giving u the interview in the dialogue form:
HR: Please come in.
Me: Good Morning sir.(after greeting i gave him a tight hand shake)
HR: take u a seat
Me: Thank u sir
HR: give me Ur PIQ (Personnel Information Questionnaire. At that time he was having my attitude answer paper and i noted my score was 23 and my hit ratio was in 80s. i couldn't see clearly.)
Then I gave PIQ to him and after giving a glance over it again)
HR: give me Ur resume  (I gave it to him)
HR: nice, u look very Brisk
Me: yes sir. Thank u.
HR: tell me abt urself.
Me: i said abt me, my family, my aim, my ideals and my schoolings, and at last abt my attitudes. (At that time he was seeing my PIQ and he continued)
HR: ok Mr.karthick u might have studied abt the data structures.
Me: yes sir.
HR: tell me what a linked list is
Me: i answered
HR: what is single linked list, double linked list (DLL) and circular linked list. Then he gave me a paper and asked me to explain the concept.
For all those i answered well. Now he is entering deep into the subject. Then he asked how to search an element in double linked list. I explained to him. Then he asked how to go back and forth in DLL and whether it is possible to do so?
I said it is possible to do back and forth search in DLL but i don't know the real concept.
     Then he said, "Leave it".
HR: tell me what Ur area of interest is
Me: operating systems and software engineering
HR: tell me some of the CPU scheduling algorithms and explain it.
Me: i had explained about the FCFS, Priority and round-robin algorithms in the paper.
HR: what is deadlock and tell me a practical example.
Me: i told deadlock is non-availability of resources and prac. Eg is banking systems in a main server. He was keenly noticing me and my body language.
HR: how to avoid the deadlock situation
Me: i said about the banker's algorithm.
HR: tell me other ways of avoiding it.
Me: sorry sir, i can't recollect it.
HR: which OS do u like most? And why?
Me: Linux. Reasons: open source, security and file systems.
HR: what linux version do u have in ur system?
Me: Red hat Linux 9.0
HR: well. i am having 512 KB ram and i am having a process of size 1024 KB .How Linux will make it run. Explain me.
Me: with the help of Virtual Memory sir (and i said to him about the paging concept and clearly conceptualised him in the paper)
HR: what is swap space in Linux and how u will do the paging in linux.
Me: i answered what is swap space and explained the concept. And i said that i don't how practically we can do the paging in linux.
HR: u had put ur web related technical knowledge is on JSP, HTML etc.
Me: yes, sir. I am learning J2EE on my own (it's a lie. I had actually gone to J2EE course but i lied to make a good impression abt me) with the help of a book. In that i am learning JSP now, sir.
HR: ok write me a program in JSP to display "hello world".
Then i wrote the program and displayed to him.
HR: in this program u had used this getname () why doesn't u use some other tags.
Me: we can use sir, but i don't know the syntax of all the tags.
Then he saw my PIQ and had asked what Ur favourite programming languages are? I said java and C. then it continues...
HR: tell me what the difference between unions and structures is.
Me: replied that the size if the major difference b/w them and both are used for user defined structures and used for storing various data types in a single one.
HR: then write a program to perform single linked lists in C
Me: sorry sir, it will take more time and i can't exactly recollect the programming concepts too.
HR: if i am typing a website name in browser, explain me the operations behind the screen.
Me: the browser will contact the DNS server and it will resolute the IP address and it will contact the web server and it will display the required pages and details.
HR: ok tell me what is the difference between my self typing an address in the browser and knowing an IP address and directly contacting the remote computer?
Me: in the first case URL is used and in the second IP address is used.
HR: i want the specific answer.
Me: i can't get u sir.
HR: what ur computer will do for both the type of networks.
Me: the system will first try to resolute the router in the first case and in the second it is not needed.(i think so it's wrong b'coz he face seems to be unsatisfied with this answer) plz refer some other network books for the exact answer.
HR: tell me the operation of network in case of OSI layers.
Me: i draw the OSI structure and explained the entire concepts which take around 1.5 minutes.
HR: Ok nice meeting you Mr.R.Karthick. U can leave
Me: thank u sir.

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