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COGNIZANT Interview Experience - HYDERABAD & FEB 22, 2014

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Hi Friends,

My Name is Karthik, I Want to Share My Written test And Interview Experience of Cognizant.

COGNIZANT Conducted Off-Campus Drive during Feb 2014 for the Post of Programmer Analyst.

AMCAT Conducts Written Exam And It Is Free Of Cost.

I received Written Exam Hall Ticket from AMCAT On Feb.11 and My Exam was On Feb.13 At Geetanjali College of Engineering, HYDERABAD.


No Need to Worry More about the Written Exam.

It Contains 3 Sections.

1). ENGLISH (25 questions And 25mins).

Antonyms, Synonyms, Two Passages, Correction Of Sentence, Fill In The Blanks.

2). APTITUDE (16 questions And 16mins).

Time and Work, Profit And Loss, Percentages, Permutations, Probability, Trains, Averages, LCM, Simplifications.

3). REASONING (14 questions And 14mins).

Blood Relations, Directions, Series Completion, Theme Detection, Data Sufficiency.

So Total 55 questions and 55 mins. Questions Are Easy Just We Have To Manage Time.

And my STEP is here.

I Received A Mail From AMCAT On Feb.20 To Attend Interview On Feb.22 At COGNIZANT, DLF Building, HYDERABAD.

We Must Carry All Original Certificates And A Resume.

On The Same Day There Were Two Batches Morning And Afternoon. Mine was Morning Batch and Reporting Time was at 8 AM. Around 550 Members Attended For Interview.

All the Candidates were requested to wait in Conference Hall and there it took more than 2 hrs For Registration Process and at Around 10.30 AM They Called Me for Technical Round.

There was More Than 20 Interview Panels for Technical round.

I waited for 15mins and at 10.45 AM I called for Technical Round.


ME: May I Come In Madam.

ME: Good Morning Madam with A Smile and Waited For Her Response.

INTERVIEWER: Good Morning Please Sit Down.
ME: Thank You Madam. And I Sat In The Chair.

INTERVIEWER: Karthik Please Tell Me About You.
ME: I Started With My Name Is Karthik. I Live In. So and So.

INTERVIEWER: You Got 85% In 10th, 91% In 12th, 70% In Degree. Why This Fluctuations?

ME: Explained The Reason As Up To My 10th My Studies Are Below Average. In My 10th Class I Worked Hard To Get Good Marks, In 12th I Worked Even Harder. But In B-Tech 1st Year Due To The Sudden Change In The Environment And Way Of Studies Got Less Marks In That Year, From My B-Tech 2nd Year On wards I Again Started Working Hard Like 10th And 12th And I Succeeded.

INTERVIEWER: So What You Have Done To Overcome Your Problems In First Year.

ME: I Started Giving More Importance To My Studies, Scheduled My Time, And Made A Time Table What To Read Etc. And I Spent Less Time For Watching TV And Other Extra Curriculum Activities. By This Perfect Time Table I Over Come From My Problems And By The End I Got Distinction.

INTERVIEWER: So, What Are Your Interested Subjects. ?
ME: Communications and C Language.  (I Am From ECE).

INTERVIEWER: Do You Know About C Algorithms. And She Explained About The Importance Of Algorithm. Algorithm Is More Important than Program Because It Shows One\'s Understanding towards about Problem. So Do You Know The Algorithmic Approach Towards Program?

ME: Yes Madam. Every Time While I Use To Write A Program, I Start From Algorithm Part.

INTERVIEWER: So Can You Explain How You Solve The Equation (some equation).
ME: Then I Saw The Equation And Asked Whether To Explain With Program Or Generally.

INTERVIEWER: You're Wish. If You Can Write A Program Then Fine Write It.
ME: Started Writing Program. And Said I Want To Can Write Program By Using Function Concept.

INTERVIEWER: Write As You Like No Problem.
ME: After Completing My Program (Took 5 mins) Said I Am Done With My Program Madam.

INTERVIEWER: Asked Me To Explain The Program.
ME: Started Explaining Program And Identified Few Small Errors In It And Correct It While Explaining.

INTERVIEWER: Why to Use This Logic It Will Take So Many Iterations to Do Its Work. Once Think Again.
ME: After Thinking Again Wrote An Optimized Code, Which Decreases 1/3rd Of Iterations.

INTERVIEWER: You Can Even Optimize The Code Further. And She Gave Me A Hint.
ME: Wrote The Code Again Which Is Purely Optimized One. In This Code Discussion Itself I Have Touched With Functions Concepts, Array Concepts, String Concepts, Loops.

INTERVIEWER: When I Asked You To Write The Program At First Time Itself Why Can't You Write This Optimized Code? So You Cannot Able To Understand The Problem Correctly.

ME: No Madam. I Can Understand The Problem. At First My Aim Is To Solve The Give Problem Rather Than To Optimize It. So I Gave More Importance To The Result Than The Code Optimization.

INTERVIEWER: No As You Already Said About Your Studies In B-Tech At First You Are Unable To Find The Problem And Later On You Started Finding About The Problem And Worked On It.

ME: Madam Actually Here My Main Aim Is To First Solve The Problem Rather Than The Approach.

INTERVIEWER: You Have A Problem With Understanding; By My Hints You Are Able To Solve The Problem So You Have A Starting Trouble. Someone Have To Push You.

ME: I Agree With You Madam, But Sure I Will Work On This, and Overcome This Problem.

INTERVIEWER: How Can You Overcome This Problem?
ME: Madam With Experience I Can Come Off With This Problem.

INTERVIEWER: You Are Telling That With Experience You Won\'t Repeat It Again And I Am In A Dilemma Whether You Understand The Problem Correctly Or Not, So I Am Giving You A One More Chance. This Time There Will Be No More Hints.

ME: Yah Sure Madam.

INTERVIEWER: I Am Giving You A General Scenario. If You Have 1000 AMCAT Applications With Their Written Exam Percentile Like 50. 86, 70. 23. Etc. How Will You Place Them In An Order? Make Sure That You Will Not Repeat The Problem Again.

ME: Ok Madam, I Want Few Seconds Time To Think Of It.


ME: After Few Seconds Started Explaining My Way Of Approach.

INTERVIEWER: Have You Ever Used This Approach To Solve This Type Of Problem In Your Daily Life.

ME: I Waited For Few Seconds and CREATED A Small Story Spontaneously. Yah Yes Madam in My B-Tech 4th Year We Conducted a Tech Fest in Our College And I Am One Member of Projects Section and Blah Blah Blah.

There Is A Very Long Discussion About This. Discussion Went Towards Sorting Mechanisms.

INTERVIEWER: What Are The Different Sorting Mechanisms?

ME: Quick Sorting, Merge Sorting, Selection Sort.

INTERVIEWER: What Is Merge Sorting?

ME:. Few Seconds After. Actually I Know About Merge Sorting But Sorry Madam I Must Recollect It Once Again.

INTERVIEWER: Do You Know How The Words Are Placed In A Dictionary.

ME: Yes Madam.

INTERVIEWER: Then Why Can't You Follow That Approach.

ME: Both The Techniques Will Fulfill The Requirement But My Approach Is The Best One Without Any Confusion.

Here also There Is A Big Discussion And I Confidently Said That My Way Of Approach Is Good One.

INTERVIEWER: What to Do If You Want To Insert a New Word in a Dictionary.

ME: Then I Again Related This With The Approach Which I Used To Solve The General Scenario Given Previously.

INTERVIEWER Wants To Me To Agree That My Approach Is Wrong just to check for my confidence, But I Have Confidently Argued In A Polite Manner.

At Last Discussion Came To an End by Me Saying: "I Agree With You Madam, but My Approach Is Better Without Any Confusion".

INTERVIEWER: Karthik You Must Learn From Your Mistakes. And Never Repeat Same Mistakes Again.

ME: Yes Madam, I Will Learn From My Mistakes.

INTERVIEWER: As I Said To Learn From Your Mistakes, Don't Do More Mistakes To Learn More. And She Laughed Very Loudly.

ME: Smiled And Said No Madam I Won't Do Like That With A Smile.

With This Joke I Got Some Relief And Confidence.

INTERVIEWER: So I Expect You Will Not Repeat This Again In Future.

ME: Sure Madam, I Won't.

INTERVIEWER: Do You Have Any Question For Me?

ME: Thank You Madam. I Want To Know About The Training Process And What Are The Modules That Are Taught To Us During Training.

INTERVIEWER: Explained About Training Process. They Won\'t Teach You Anything You Must Learn, Just They Will Guide You.

ME: Training Process Is Very Fine To Me Madam As Guidance Is Sufficient To Me.

INTERVIEWER: Any More Questions.
ME: No Madam. Thank You.

INTERVIEWER: You Can Leave Now. Thank You.

I Came Out at 11.50 am. My Technical Interview Went For More Than An Hour. For others technical round is just for 20-30 mins only. Co-Coordinator Directed Me To Wait In A Small Cabin. After 30 Mins Co-Coordinator Came To Me and Said You Have Selected and Now Go For Next Round.

Then I Went To Register For HR Round. There They Took One Set Of Xerox Copy Of All My Certificates And Then One Co-Coordinator Took Me To a GD room.

There I Waited For Another 30 mins And At 1 pm I Went For HR Round.


ME: May I Come In Madam.

INTERVIEWER: Yah Please Come In.
ME: Good Afternoon Madam with a Smile.

INTERVIEWER: Good Afternoon. Please Take Your Seat.
ME: Thank You Madam.  (With Smile).

INTERVIEWER: How Are You Karthik?
ME: Good Madam.

INTERVIEWER: Tell Me About You.
ME: Told.

INTERVIEWER: What Do You Know About Cognizant?
ME: Told.

INTERVIEWER: Tell Me About Your Project.
ME: Told (As it's A Real Time Application) I Told More Practically. And While I Am Explaining More About My Project (She Said I Understood).

INTERVIEWER: So You Are 2012 Passed Out Right. How Is Your 2013 Life? What You Have Done.
ME: Said Waiting For Opportunity.

INTERVIEWER: Have You Attend For Any Off-Campus During 2013.
ME: IBM Madam.

INTERVIEWER: Only One. Cognizant Conducted Off Campus During 2013 You Not Attended To That.
ME: No Madam.

INTERVIEWER: Do You Have Any Problem With Relocation?
ME: No.

INTERVIEWER: Ok Karthik Wait For Mail From AMCAT.
ME: Thank You Madam, Thank You So Much.


My HR round went for 15 mins.


And My Suggestion to all aspirants is just be confidant having trust in yourself. And you will definitely crack the selection process. Keep smiling during interview process.


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