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Cognizant Technology Solutions - Bhopal , October 6, 2013

Posted By : Apoorva Pandey Rating : +102, -7

I'm Apoorva pandey student of computer science (LNCT Bhopal).


On the day of interview.

My heart was thumping.

As one of the cogni person called my name for technical interview. While going in to the room I was praying to god to give me confidence that's it. I knew I can make it after that.

Entered the most familiar lab of my colg. Being a computer science student, I used to spend most of the time in computer labs in colg. So the most familiar place it was.

A very decent looking gentleman sort of person greeted me.

Sir : Hello Apoorva !
I was confident (by god grace).
Me : Good morning sir (with a smile).

Sir : So you are from bhopal. Studied from kv.
Me : Yes sir (confidently).

The best part about him was he was very charming he made me comfortable. In the course of interview whenever he sensed m getting nervous he lifted my confidence by nodding his head.

Sir : So which subject is your fav.  (as I have mentioned in my resume data structure and OS).
Me : Sir you can ask me question from data structure it's one of my fav subjects.

Sir : Ok. Tell me the difference between linked list and array.
Me : Sir linked list is a dynamic linear list it is useful when the user does not know how many elements he has to enter. Basically each node of linked list has 2 parts. 1 is the info part which contains the data and other is the link part which points to the next node. Or which contains the address of next node. Started telling about array and he interrupted.

Sir : You said it is dynamic linear list. Is it true (was testing my confidence this time).
Me : Yes sir in terms of arrangements it is a linear list. But in terms of memory allocation its not sequential.

Sir : So can you explain how it is non sequential in terms of memory allocation.
Me : Sir it uses pointer to pint to the next node so it is not linear.

Sir : Ok what is pointer and what is its use (advantage).
Me : Pointers are special variables that points to the same type of another variable. Or holds its address. And coming to advantage we can traverse the whole array with the help of one one variable that is the pointer with the help of arthmatic operations like p+2 etc. Explained whole concept of ponters whatever I know.

Sir : What is dangling pointer?
Me : If we have a pointer which is pointing to a object suppose x. And then we delete x. Pointer is still pointing to that object. Then it is called dangling pointer.

Sir : Okk (not completely satisfied).
Can you write a algo of insertion in a given location in a linked list.
Me : Yes sir (confidently).

Sir : Ok.  (he was just checking my confidence).
As I know data structures very well I don't even think for a sec and replied that's it. I have nailed it.

Sir : Ok so tell me about your minor project.
Me : Sir I have made a electronic diary. That is a dairy on computer using c and c++. Mainly file handling.

Bla bla bla. Told every aspect of it. Classes I have used.  (i knew this question is going to be asked was prepared. ).

He asked me how I took time from system in to my diary.

I explained everthing.

He was not impressed by the title as it was a simple project but was satisfied by my explaination at the end. The was checking that it is made by me or not. And I was prepared for it. Thats the key. Be prepared for all the expected questions.

Sir : Ok do you know about interface ?
Me : Sir it is used in java for inheritance mainly multiple inheritance. Probably.
I don't know much about java.  (told the truth).

Sir : Ok so any database you have read.
Me :  (now he started grilling me. ) no sir I have read it in my previous sems but will not be able to answer because I have not revised.

Sir : Okk tell me the type of sorting you have read.
Me : Sir bubble, quick, radix, heap, insertion and selection.

Sir : Tell me the best among them.
Me : Sry sir I dnt know. I can guess it m not sure it may be bubble or quick sort.

Sir : You should know it !
Me : Sry sir.  (nervous this time).

Sir : Ok you know deadlock?
Me : Yes sir. It is a situation (after 10 sec pause) actually process requests for resources and if resource is not available then process reach waiting state. Deadlock is a situation when the process can not return from this waiting state to active state due to the resource being acquired by another waiting process.

Sir : Ok Apoorva. So do you have any pbm if I will send you to chennai. You are in bhopal since birth.
Me : Not at all sir. I want to be independent and I want a company like cts to start my career with nd I know I have to relocate for it. Nd I want that exposure.

Sir : Ok. So you have any question?
Me : Sir what are your expectations from us. Some special qualities.

Sir : Their are many. You will come to know you are having or not after 5 mins (smiling).

This is the final result what I m writing (shifty smile).

Me : Thank you sir (smiling) as I knew that I have made it.

After 10 min of wait I came to know that I have cleared technical round now its time for HR round.

I prayed to god a lady hr should be their for me. As the conference hall gate opened I cant to know that the same lady hr is going to take my hr whome I met some time before my technical round and that time she asked me for the conference hall.  (woow). I know she is very sweet.

Mam : Hi Apoorva !
Me : Good afternoon mam.  (it was 10min past 12).

Mam : Ohh so its afternoon.  (smiling).
Me : Yes mam.  (probably she was checking every bit of me. ) after 1 min she started writing something into a paper she was having with her along with my resume. She was having my written test record as well as my performance in technical round.

Mam : So how was your technical interviewer.
Me : Mam he was very calm and compose person. After 5 sec. He asked me question from my area of interest and even made me comfortable.  (smiling).

Mam : Ok. How you started your day today.
Me : Mam I woke up early. And have been going through this interview 4 to 5 times. After that prayed to god that I should be placed today and came to colg.

Mam : Ok. So tell me an event very close to your heart.
Me :  (it was like a bingoo).

Mam I went to wardha last year. Their I met some people especially my aunty she is very close to me. And she treats me as her daughter. Actually they love me a lot and have helped me to face some dark shades of my life.
Mam : Ok tell me how much ethics and values are important in one's life ?
Me : Mama they are very important (confidently).

Mam : Ok. Explain how.
Me :  (it was almost spontaneous) mam suppose you are walking by road and you saw someone's purse fall down. So you will give it to that person if you know to whome it belongs.

Mam : Is it tough to do so. ?
Me : No mam if your values are strong then you won't think for even a sec.

(after this a sudden change was their on her face. I know this is it. She was looking more than satisfied. ).

Mam : Ok. So do you cook.
Me : Not much mam. But yeah sometime I like to cook chenies manchuriyan.

Mam :  (smiling) ok. Tell me Apoorva. What are the qualities a interviewee should have.
Me : He should be confident. Should be cool calm throughout the interview (pause).

Mam : Ok. And what about body language?
Me : Should sit straight and.  (pause 5 sec. ) and should wear a smile on his face (smiling).

Mam : Smiling. Ok. So tell me your ultimate goal. You have been to all these events in wardha and ngo thing. But whats your ultimate goal of life.
Me : Mam I want to be successful.

Mam : Its a very wide term. Different for all. Explain your prospective.
Me : Mam for me success is freedom of choice. I dnt want anyone to choose me among options. Or I dnt want to be option for anyone. And I just want my parents to be proud at me.

Mam : Ok so you ensure me that you will join cts. As your marks are good other companies aur also going to visit your colg.
Me :  (toughest question) mam cts is fortune 500 company. And its training is also very good.  (pause).

Mam : Ok Apoorva. You can leave. We will be communicating results very soon to you.
Me : Thank you mam.  (smiling).

It was an awesome experience of my life.

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