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CTS Placement Paper Pattern

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CTS Placement Paper Pattern

SECTION  - I ( 8 Questions )

  1.Interchange of letters in a word and the adjacent letters are also to be changed.  given letters series like [also few condotions]

If we apply 25 on this it means we have to interchange the letters at positions 2 and 5, and we have to change the adjacent letters 2 and 5
from A to B and B to A.  That is   q's A B B A A B  after Step 1 i.e interchange 2 and 5. now change adjacent elements of 2 and 5...finally answer becomes
Ans:    B A A B B A
Hint:  As per question papers 5 questions above like  but numberschange.

7. To  get AAABBD  from BBBAAA  what ot apply:-
  a) 25   b) 34   c) 25 & 34  d) none


1.  Given the function f(n  a  b c ) = ac if n=1
        f(n a b c) = f( n-1  a b  c) + f( 1 a  b  c) + f( n-1  b a c )
                        if n >  1
        f( 2) = ?
Ans:  f( 2 a c b ) = ab + ac + bc.

2. similar question in functions.

3. [ based on function in 1.]   f( 4 a b c )  the number of terms is...?
Ans:  f( 4 a b c ) =  f( 3 a c b ) + f( 1 a b c ) + f( 3 b a c )  etc.
           = 5ab + 5ac + 5bc.

4. f( 5 a b c ) = ?


Permutations and Combinations. 8 questions.

1. r = number of flags;
   n = number of poles;
   Any number of flags can be accommodated on any single pole.

  i)  r=5,n=5 The no. of ways the flags can be arranged ?
 ii) to iv) are based on this.

6.  r= 5 n = 3 . If first pole has 2 flags ,third pole has 1 flag        
   how many ways the remaining can be arranged?
7.& 8. same as above


Question consisting of figures consist of 4 small squares and every square having an arrow pointing in one Direction.

GRE test of reasoning.
hint: What is the next sequence if we tilt the figure by 90 degrees like that( clockwise  and mirror images ? ).


In this section first part of compound word is given. Select meaning of the second part from the choice given:
        1. Swan
        2. Swans
        3. Fool
        4. Fools
        5. Stare
        6. Lady
  For all above 4 choices are given..... Eg. Swan
  a) category  b) music   c) ---   d) none
Ans: Swansong is compound word. But song is not given as option. so    b) music is answer.



Find the sequence:
(       d is always NONE        )

1. BC  CE  EG  GK ?
        a) KN    b) KU    c) KM    d)

2. AA  AB  BC  CE?
        a)EG    b)EH    c)EI    d)

3. AB  EF  JK  QR ?
        a)YZ    b) ZA    c) AB    d)

        a) QST   b) QSZ   c) QSY   d)

        a) EJ    b) EI    c) EL    d)

        a) EH     b) EZ    c) EB  d)

        a) VS     b) VK   c) VI    d)

        a)CN    b)BM    c)AI or AZ    d)


        F(X)= 2X-1 + f(X-1) if X NOT EQUAL TO ZERO
                            if f(X=0)=0
9. f(5) VALUE
        a)15  b)24  c)22  d)NONE


11.f(16)- f(15)


13.f(f(x))=81 THEN VALUE OF X=

14.f(X)=4f(X-1) THEN VALUE OF X=

15.f(X)= f(X-1)+f(X-2) FOR X>1 THEN X=

16.f(X)-f(X-1)=f(X-8) FOR X>5 THEN X=


###In the follwing questins we r giving 'aword' which may not have any meaning.Find different possible words or palandrams for the word as per que.
I. for the following find no of distinct words that can be formed.

A).420     B)1540     C)840     D) NONE








/*dEAR FRIENDS DON,T CONFUSE WITH THE WORDS REPEATED.Iam sure.Words are same.They might have changed the questionsfor20,21,22.Concentrate on that  respect*/

25 to 32 are figures.Uhave to analyse them.He will give five figs.One is not correct


        It having complete of figs.(26 -32)


For following first find out the anagram and then note the corresponding  meaning.

33.TABLET(anagram means first u arrange the letters in correct order like
         (TABLET===BATTLE .  so ans is   FIGHT i.e. B)



36.STASSI. For all above choices are.

A) resentment     B) Fight c) Help     d) Monster


38. LAMB


40. PLEASE. For above 4  choices are same
A)cuddle  B)sleeping     c)proclamination     d)ointment


1. In a triangle ABC AB=AC then all the following are correct

exept one. Find that.

a) AB<AC+BC     b)AC<AB+BC     c)BC<AB+AC     d) AB+BC>AC+BC

2. Ten years ago the father's age is seven times the son's age. Two years later father's age is twice the son's. Then the find the ages.

3. The father's age is 3 times the son's. After 15 years its age becomes twice the son's. Find the son's age now.

4. Two times which are started from stations A and B which are seperated by 110 km. One train leaves station A at 7 am. and travels 20 kmph. The other train leaves station B at 8 am. will speed of 25 kmph. Then at what time will they meet if they are travelling in opposite direction.

a) 7 am.     b) 10 am.     c) 12 noon.     d) 11 am.

5) x+2y=2 , 2x-y=4 then

i)x=2     ii)x=0     y=0 iii) x-y=2

a) i only     b) ii only     c) none     d) i and ( ) only

6) In a family E is the father of two sons and a daugher who is unmarried. Daugher in-law is an officer whose brother_in_law A is Engineer. C is doctor. The sister of B is Violenist who learnt Violin from B's wife. Then

6) What is the relationship between A&B. (ans. brothers)

7) Who is the wife of B (ans. officer)

8) What is the relation between E&B. (ans. father and son)

9) In a word COINCIDENCE the 1st letter is interchanged with 3ed letter and 2nd letter with 4th and so on. So what is the seventh letter from the right after interchanging.

Ans is D.

10) Minmise 123658/234586= (ans is 0.52)

11) A and B can do a work in 6 days. B alone can do in 16 days. After 3 days B withdraws. Then how many days can be needed by A

to do the work alone.

12) Two men and Three boys can do a work in 6 days. 3 men and 5 boys can do that work in 4 days. Then 8 men and 8 boys can do in how many days.

13)123 means LITTLE BRIGHT BOY and 435 means GIRL IS BRIGHT and 267 means LITTLE THING LLOGAL . Then LITTLE is represented by_______.  Ans is 2.

14 to 17 ( R.S Agarwal suggested )

On same relation like HELMET-HEAD then

HIDE _ ? ( BOUND ans.)

18to 22

Assertion and reason following (R.S Agarwal suggested)

23 to 25

Having the opposite meaning of relation given (ENGLISH)

25 TO 30


30 to 35 ---> Figuring NON VERBAL

36 TO 38 ----> A simillarity between two figures is given. You have to find the same simillar figure from the choice.

39 to 41 ----> Correction of sentences.

42. How many times a minute & hours hands will meet together in a day. ans. 22 times.

43. In a total of 36 vehicles after one car there is one scooter. After 2nd car there will be two scooters and after 3ed car therewill be 3 scooters so on . then find the number of scooters in the right half of arrangement. ans. 13 check.

44. All Hoopes are Dupes All fears are liars so

i) All hoopes are fears ii) All dupes are liars

45. & 46. like above.

47). Find the statement which gives correct explanartion to the contradictory statements.

i). doctor told that "Drug adicts can not have their habit

ii). some surveys indicate that all the drug addicts left their drug habit.

a) . Doctor do not know about drug addicts.

b). servays does not include every drug addict

c). Drug addiction is a bad habit.

d). will power make people leave their habbit.

48 to 54.

- - a - b b a - b - c like this.

[ simple Qns from R.s.agarwal]

55. A shop keeper selling a product for 10% discount to the market price . but by bourgaining he got 10% profit of the costprice.

Market price is 300Rs. Find the cost price.

56. Customer needs 30% discount . But shopkeeper give 20% and 10%succesively. Then

a). Whether customer got less profit than what he needed.

b).will he got more.    c). no loss    d). none

57. Cost price of two articles is 800. If he sells one article at 3/4 th of cost price and another article at 4/3 rd of cost priceThen he will loss 12 Rs. Then SP of article is.

a). 600,400     b). 500, 400     c). 500,500     d). none

58. What is the longest four digit numbr which when divided by 12,17,35leavining same remainder 5

a) 8825     b)8725     c) 8025     d) none

59) If travels 300 meters in first two hours and next 200 mts in 3 hours and 150 meters in 2.5 hours. Find the avg speed.

a) 56     b) 58     c)50     d) 60    Ans: 60


The paper contains a total of 40 questions, there is

negative marking also. Total time is ONE HOUR . Following are some

questions that I remember.

1.x==2+2^(2/3)+2^(1/3) .Then what is the value of x^3-6X^2+x?

here X^Y indicates X to the power of Y.

a. -3 b. 0 ....

2.A circle is inscribed in a Triangle of side 6cm. And a square is inscribed in the Circle. What is the area of square?

(3-4) There are two bridges running parallel over river Kauvery, and they are 1 KM apart. A man started rowing the boat upstream under first bridge, his hat fell into river while he was exactly under second bridge. He realized that after 15 mts, and started rowing in opposite direction, he eventually caught his hat under First Bridge.

What is the speed of river Kauvery?

What is the speed of boat in still water?

(5-10) There are five traders Timber, Steel, Cotton, Boots, Wood .

Each sent a Collection of items between them. No two traders have sent the items among themselves. i.e., The Trader who had received

items from X can't send items to X. Steel sent Wood a collection of boots. Boots sent wood to the sender of Timber. One more condition

is there I don't remember. But the puzzle was little bit tough. One can get easily confused because the trader names and trading item

names are same. Try to rename them and solve u can come up with an answer, otherwise it might be difficult to untangle the puzzle.five

Questions on this like

Who received cotton?

Who sent Timber?

What did Timber receive? Etc.,

11. A train is moving at a speed of 25kmph, and another train moving in the same direction at a speed of 49kmph crossed a man in first

train in 10 sec? What is the length of second train? (These are not actual values but model is important).

12.A cube has a surface area of 864sqcms. It is divided into smallercubes of equal size and their surface area is 216sqcms. Find the

number of smaller cubes?

a.4     b.8     c.12     d 16      
ANS: b

13.There are two milk cans. First can contains water and milk in the ratio 1:3 and the second contains milk and water in the ratio 2:2.

Some milk from first can and some from second can is mixed in another can. New can has 12 liters of mixture in the ratio 3:5(water to

milk). How much milk is taken from first and second can.

A 6,6     B 7,5     C 5,7     D 4,8      

14.A person pays a tax of 10%,if his salary increases by 10% he need to pay a tax of 15%.The total gain he obtains after increment in

salary is 350Rs .What is his salary?

a.12000     b 10000     c.8000     d.14000      
 Ans: b

15.Rajesh walks on pavement around the garden of size 60*40.The pavement width is 1 meter. What is the area of Pavement

a.    204     b.102     c.306     d.428  
   Ans: a

16.A man runs around a square of side 10kms in different speeds as given below, find the average speed. 1st side: 10kmph, 2nd Side:

20kmph, 3rd side: 30kmph, 4th side: 40kmph

a.19.2     b.20     c. 27     d. 26.5

(17-18) Sreesha starts from Bangalore to go to Sitapur. First two hours he moves at constant speed ,suddenly his car tyre gets

punctured, so he took 10 minutes to start again.Then he moved at a constant speed of 30 kmph. By the he reached Sitapur,he was late by

30 minutes. If his car was punctured 30 kms before sitapur, he could have been late only by 15 minutes.

What is the distance between Sitapur and Bangalore?

What is the speed with which he started from Bangalore?

19.A university library has two big books placed adjacent to each other. Of which first book is to the left of Second one. A book worm

started from the first book, and went on making a hole in a straight line through the second book. If the covers are of width 1/4 th of a

centimeter and the books a have a width of 2 cm then how much distance did the book worm cover?

A 3cm B 4cm C 5cm D 2cm Ans C (1/4+2+1/4+1/4+2+1/4)

20.There are 1000 doors closed. Here each goes through a door , which indicates he closes the door if it is open, and vice versa. 1st

person goes through each door, and 2nd person goes through doors that are divisible by 2 and like that nth person goes through doors that

have numbers divisible by n. how many doors are opened after 1000 persons going through the doors?

a.500 b.150 c.62 d.31 Ans:d

(The doors remaining opened at the end are the ones that have square numbers i.e., 1,4,9,16....)

(21-24) They are on Data Sufficiency.

21.Find the two numbers

i)The product of two numbers is 24.

ii)The sum of two numbers is 10.

22. Find the increase in % of salary of a person from 1997 to 2000

i)His salary increased by 10% in each of the following years 1998,1999,2000

ii) I don't remember... But answer is i) is sufficient

23 & 24 are simple..but go through these type of models.

(25-30) Sentence completion.

I don't remember exact sentences, but I am giving the words that I found as answers among them, just remember the meaning of these words you can easily answer.


26.Embellished...attractive(not meaning but answers for two blanks they have given)





(31-32) Two questions are of conclusion type. Given some information and asked some questions .They are not problematic ,just general


31. A company provides some Plans for Old age persons in India regarding their health. The plans actually are too costly, so No one

showing interest in joining the Plans.What step among the following will favor company's plans ?

Some steps were given in a, b, c, d. You need to select the best one.

32. A private organization started a new Scheme on paying School fees. The plan is that if the Parents pay some amount before their

children join in Schools, the Organization will look after their fees payments ..what ever course they may do..the company will bear the

amount? What do you find the reason for Parents not to join in this


Some reasons were given in a, b, c, d. You need to select the best one.

33. 60 members complete a work in 40 days. They worked for 10 days. And eventually 10 members quit the job and remaining people worked

for another 10 days. and again 10 of them quit the job. This continued for every 10 days. How many days did workers take to finish

the work?

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